v2 Chapter 11

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Poor Health
A month later the family register was changed, and we were cut off from the Ranford family.
We haven’t heard from my Father for a while, but perhaps he can’t make any obvious moves to protect us.

“It’s getting warmer now that winter is all over, isn’t it?”

“Yes. Would you like some iced tea?”

“I like it just the way it is.”

She preferred warm herbal teas.
Chamomile with honey is her favorite, and since it is still chilly, she loves using the lap blanket I knitted for her.


“You can drop the in-law.”


I am officially adopted, even though I am still a daughter-in-law.
I am a woman her son married, but she loves me as a daughter.

“Your knitting has been very popular. One of the ladies at the women gathering loved your knitting because of her sensitivity to the cold… can I bother you again?”

“Yes, I would be happy to.”

“This is just a token, but this is a return gift from Madam Dier from the other day.”

“I cannot accept this.”

Countess Dier.
I was told that she was already too old to get around without a wheelchair and that her feet and legs were getting cold, so I made her a blanket and cushion and sent them to her.

I am glad that I learned how to make them at the church when I was in the territory, because they are very useful.

“That’s too much no matter how you look at it.”

Even if I included the cost of materials and charged for the labor, no one would be paid such a high amount.

“It’s her good will. Take it.”


“Then why don’t you make something else for her?”


Getting around in a wheelchair is often inconvenient.
In the capital, there are only a few restaurants that are barrier-free.

I heard that the Countess Dier likes to shop and go outside.

It’s still cold, and I heard that long walks make her body feel chilly.



“What is it, Marie?”


I don’t want to worry Henry, who is currently running around the Capital helping his mother’s business.

“Did Mom ask you for another burdensome favor?”

“Of course not.”

“No need to hold back. My Mom is not reserved either.”

It’s really an unconstrained parent-child relationship.
There is nothing troubling about Mother’s requests.

“I just hope Mom’s selfishness won’t escalate any further… rather than that, I brought you a cake.”

“Thank you.”

“I know you haven’t had much of an appetite lately.”

“Thank you.”

I can’t believe that Henry was also concerned about my recent stomach problems and lack of appetite.


“What is it?”


Even when eating my favorite strawberry shortcake, I feel like vomiting.

“What’s wrong, Marie!”

I couldn’t stand it any longer and ran to the bathroom.

“Lady Marie, what is the matter!”

“Mylan, get the doctor at once!”

Mylan, one of the maidservants, rushed out to get a doctor, but…

“Congratulations, you are pregnant.”

I was not sick.

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