v2 Chapter 8

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Father’s Regret (2)
Shepherd, who was full of self-esteem, thought he was a wonderful person since he wanted to give Marie the best education we could afford, that is, sending her to a nearby church because it cost too much money to hire a single tutor.

“Marie is stupid, so that’s all she needs.”

“Women don’t need education.”

I guess she felt resentment, so she not only tattled to Mother-in-law and made me the bad guy, but she started giving Marie a hard time.

Even though I could protect her while I was present, there was a limit to how much I could try since I was not always at the mansion.

“A daughter of a Viscount’s household can only afford to study at the church because she has no money, that is a disgrace to the world. Are you going to announce to the public that our family is strapped for cash?”


“There is a public school in the fief, where tuition fees should not be so high.”

I imposed a certain condition to stop them at all costs.

“Moreover, there are the exams for the Noble Institution.”

“Shepard can get into the Noble Institution in the Capital.”

They look at your academic ability as well as your manners.
Don’t these two know that the tutor is concerned about Shepherd’s bad behavior?

In comparison, Marie, is doing her best to sneakily learn what she can.
A neighbor, a lady who was a tutor in the Capital, is secretly teaching her manners.

Marie, who is eager to learn, is much better than Shepard.

So I suggested that the money-hungry pair allow her to learn manners via apprenticeship.
And when I said that I would pay them, the two threw their hands up in the air in delight.

“Marie, how is your manner apprenticeship?”

“It’s fun.”


“I see…”

Marie has a good reputation, and the Countess to whom she is apprenticed, is very fond of her.

“Diaz, Marie is a very good girl.”

“Thank you very much.”

“She’s bright and intelligent… why don’t you enroll her at the Royal Academy in the Capital?”

The Royal Academy in the Capital is the most prestigious school run by the royalty of the Arsense Kingdom with the highest standards.

“However, the tuition fees are…”

“Yes, it is the most prestigious school in the country and the tuition is expensive. But they do have the special scholarship program, you know?”


Sure, if you are a special student, your tuition will be fully exempted.
If Marie could join the student council, her treatment would be surely different.

“Please arrange it.”

“Yes, I will make the recommendation.”

But there was no way those two would say yes.

“What are you talking about? Marie will go to work soon.”

“Are you trying to waste our money!?”

My Mother-in-law and Dania objected vehemently.
They were infinitely lenient with Shepherd, but too harsh with Marie.

Why do they mistreat Marie so much?

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