v2 Chapter 7

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Father’s Regret (1)
Thirty years ago, the great famine took its toll on the lands of nobility.
My own Ranford estate was no exception, but fortunately, it was better off than the others.

However, it was not possible to survive with the aid money from the country.
I was so busy traveling and trading away from the estate that I was seldom allowed to return to the manor.

Because of this, I had to leave the education of my children to my wife, Dania.
My Mother-in-law did not like my involvement in raising the children and told me to take care of the estate if I had so much free time.

She told me to earn more money.

I really wanted to interact with the children more, but as Shepherd grew older, he began to ignore me.

I knew why.
It was probably because I was a worthless person.

Marie, on the other hand, grew up to be a gentle child.

“Father, please don’t overdo it.”


“I would rather you stay with me than earn money.”

Mother-in-law and Dania were saying a lot of things about not staying at the mansion and going out to earn money, but Marie was the only one who was different.


“Marie! What are you doing!? Your Father is busy.”

“Good grief, you’re no good at all! You will grow up to be a worthless person like Father.”

Dania and Shepherd scold us when I’m alone with Marie.

“It’s the truth. One incompetent person like your father is enough… and Marie, you cannot be the heir anyway, can you? Just stay incompetent and incapable, average person…”


At this point, I felt a strong anger towards Shepherd.

“What are you doing?”

“You’ve got some twisted personality… stop acting so arrogant.”

“Dear, what are you…”


“Who the hell do you think you are? Who are you to talk to your father like that… and then abuse, torment your sister like this? Dania! Did you and your Mother abuse Marie together?”

“What are you saying? We just taught her manners.”

Looking closely, Marie’s clothes were old.
She was not wearing the clothes I had gifted her.

“Shepherd gets to wear clothes, but Marie has to wear this?”

“Ins’t it obvious… rather than that.”

“Rather than that? Enough. Marie, let’s go shopping right now.”


“I have a day off today. Let’s go buy new clothes together… I got some extra income.”

I ended up grabbing Shepherd by the collar, but there was no point hitting him.

“I have a friend who is a very good designer. I told him about you and he said he’d love to meet you.”

“Meet me?”

“Yeah. Won’t you go on a date with your Father? My cute princess?”

When I raised her up in my arms, she smiled happily at me.

I was becoming isolated in this mansion, but Marie’s smile was the only thing that made me happy.

“Hey, if you have that kind of money, why don’t you buy me a new dress?”

“You don’t need it, right? I heard you bought a new dress the other day.”

“But you are buying one for Marie!”

“I’m not paying for it with our living expenses. It’s my personal money… or what? You’re spending all our money, and you don’t want me to spend mine? I’ve cut back on cigarettes and alcohol already.”

They banned me from drinking and smoking, saying it was a waste.
And I had very little money left for personal use, but I had secretly saved some.

With that money, I would buy the clothes.
Then I thought that from now on I should be smart when it came to gift-giving.

Little did I know, however, that my shallow attitude would cause Marie even more pain.

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