v2 Chapter 6

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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A Long-time Aspiration of the Housekeeper.
My name is Bella, the housekeeper in the service of this Paulette family.
I am the most senior of the three maidservants.

I used to be a maidservant at the Royal court, but after I retired, the Old Master rehired me.
I was assigned by the Old Master to be the caretaker of the Master, in other words, of Henry’s father.

In the midst of all this, the Master had a chance encounter.
It was his wife.

She was a former commoner, and he was the third son of a count, so he had become independent.

Shortly after he had become independent, while he was tired of socializing, he met her, and she approached him, and they ended up marrying after a period of passionate love.

Her future Mother-in-law, the Old Madam, was vehemently opposed to the idea.
She told her that if I wanted to be his wife, she should become a flower of the high society first.

Although a commoner, Madam was the daughter of a wealthy family with a good name in the Royal capital.

However, marriage between different statuses was more difficult than it is now.
That’s why many people were against it, and rumors were spread that she was an evil woman who seduced her husband.

When rumors like this spread in social circles, it’s fatal for an unmarried woman, but Madam was not to be outdone.
I thought that she was the perfect companion for our Master.

However, their happy time together was short-lived, and Master caught an epidemic.
Because of this, she was severely abused at her in-laws’ home, and the Old Madam blamed the Madam for their estrangement, but Henry was her rock.

When she heard that Young Master Henry had a girl he liked, she was very happy.
She was building a mansion nearby and had been thinking a lot about it.


But then, Young Madam’s Marie’s mother put out terrible conditions.
I heard that she had been treated so badly by her mother that she had become isolated.

In the end, she was expelled from her parents’ home for the sake of her elder brother, but Madam decided to adopt her in order to protect her.

Those people are the kind of people who change their minds when things get inconvenient.

We are maidservants.
Our role is to protect the young lady while obeying the orders of the Madam.

I’m over stepping the bounds, but I think of Master Henry as my grandson.
That’s why it’s our role to protect his precious wife.

“Bella! May I have a word?”

“Yes, Madam.”

“I will be taking Marie shopping next week, so get things ready.”


Since Young Mastery Henry and Young Madam Marie came, Madam has been happy every single day.

I hope that these peaceful days will last.

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