v2 Chapter 22

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Out of Goodwill
My Father had been too good a person since he was young.
Moreover, many of the people he helped were of extraordinary status, such as big merchants and nobles, and he helped them without wanting anything in return.

On a boat trip to a neighboring country right after leaving the Ranford family, Father came across a woman.

“She looked very sick, and when I called out to her, I immediately realized that she was a woman of high rank.”


“She was a Duke’s wife. The little sister of His Majesty, and a woman with the highest status in our country.”


The woman of the highest status in our country.
The First Princess, Eliana.

His Majesty is the child of the previous King and his concubine, and Princess Eliana is the only child of the Queen and is said to be the highest-ranking woman in our country.

“Her mother-in-law tormented her a lot because she could not have children. She was in a state of depression.”

“How could she…”

“However, they deliberately made Princess Eliana fall into a state of depression, and planned to kill her on the ship.”


What a horrible thing to do.
It’s a serious crime to plot the assassination of a former princess.

“I could tell from the color of her skin that she was poisoned. Fortunately, her symptoms were still non-life threatening.”

“So you saved her?”

“Yes, thankfully, I had a herbalist with me.”

Father told me that he had managed to save Princess Eliana’s life, and he had even managed to find out who had done it.

“Afterward, when I escorted Princess Eliana back to the Capital, I was informed of her status… and that is when I learned of your dismissal.”


I guess this is only a natural course of events.
His Majesty had no choice but to bestow a peerage upon him.

“After that, the old Duchess bowed her head to her… I learned later, that the old Duchess was not a bad person either.”

“What do you mean?”


“She played the bad mother-in-law by adopting a stern attitude to protect Princess Eliana from bad social gossip.”

The relationship between mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws is a strange one.

“Blood is not the only bond between people. In fact, their bond may be thicker than blood.”

“That’s true.”

They say blood is thicker than water, etc..
I understand very well that special bonds can be created even between in-laws.

“And so, what about the Duke?”

“I heard the old Duchess gave him a stern lesson. It was the Duke’s maidservant who planned the assassination.”

“What do I say about that…”

I’m sure it must have angered the old Duchess a lot.

“It made me ashamed to be a man.”

“You are different, Father.”

“I hope that’s true, but… well, this time, His Majesty threatened me with the title of Marquis if I don’t accept the countship for my achievements.”

“Threatened, huh…”

But, he would have to do something like that for Father to accept.

How will that affect the Viscount Household of Randfords?


“I can tell what you are thinking about.”

“So, what happens now?”

“Shepherd does not meet the conditions of succession. He cannot succeed the title of Viscount.”


Then, what is going to happen to the Ranford family?

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