v2 Chapter 21

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Success in Life
Henry’s face turned pale as Mother gazed happily at the model of a ship.

“When I was a little girl, I wanted to travel around the world on a ship.”

“Is that so?”

“I used to enjoy looking at ships and pictures of ships.”

So, the very active Mother had such dreams, huh.

“I wonder if I will ever get to go for a business across the seas.”

“That’s very possible for you, Mother.”

One day, she might say, “I’m going on a trip” or something similar.

“Let’s not provoke her into doing it, okay?”


We were whispering to each other.

“What are you two whispering about?”

“”Nothing at all!””

I laughed to deceive Mother and let the moment pass.

“Marie, would you mind letting me see my grandson?”

“Of course, Father.”

Father, who felt that he could not bear to disturb Mother who was absorbed in her model, asked to see the child, so I decided to show him into the next room.


“Ohh, what a lively child.”

“Yes, he was born quick. He hardly cries at night, too.”

“He truly is kind to his mother. You also seldom cried at night.”

“Is that so?”



I was happy to see Father reach out and gently hold his grandson in his arms while reminiscing.

“What is his name?”

“It’s Cyril.”

“I see, that’s a nice name.”

I was happy to show my son to my Father like this.

“How long will you stay here, Father?”

“Ah~… actually, I’m going to the court in a while.”


Father, to the court?

“Yes, His Majesty has bestowed a countship upon me.”


To be awarded a court rank outside of succession rights, a person must have made considerable achievements.
In cases I heard about, people were awarded the rank of Baron after winning a battle or securing peace during a war.

Yet to suddenly receive a countship?

“In fact, I was offered the peerage a year ago, but I turned it down.”

“How come?”

“Yeah, I was sure a lot of trouble would arise once I accepted the countship.”

I could guess who the trouble would come from.
There’s a great chance that those two’s impudence would grow even more with a rank higher than Viscount.
As a Countess, she would be going in and out of the palace more often, and that’s not a place to show her impudence in.

“I refused this time again… and then.”

“And then?”

“His Majesty told me he would raise my title to Marquis and gift me a castle.”

Oh, His Majesty seems to have a good understanding of my Father’s character.

But what kind of accomplishments did my Father make?
That was what I was most curious about.

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