v2 Chapter 20

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A Happy Visitor
Three months later, a visitor arrived.

That person was—


“Long time no see.”

“Welcome, Lord Diaz.”

“Father-in-law, welcome.”


Father, who appeared in simple attire, looked a little paler.

“Please forgive my rudeness in taking so long to greet you, Madam Anesia.”

“Oh my, just call me Anesia.”

“Mom, don’t be absurd.”

Henry always said that his sense of distance from others was a little strange, but his mother’s friendliness was a relief at this moment.

“I heard that you have moved to a neighboring country to do business there.”

“Yes, I was invited by someone I met while I was traveling around after I left the territory to do business with them.”

“I am impressed that you have connections in other countries, and that you are now helping a country that is short of food.”

“Oh my… is that so?”

Even if his situation was stable now, I did not think he could afford to give aid to others.

“I’m good as long as I have enough to eat. It’s my noblesse oblige.”

“Responsibility and duty. As one would expect from you.”

It is true that our Grandfather did everything he could to give back to the people by lowering taxes as much as possible.

“I was not good enough, and the people had to suffer, but the merchants and the guilds, who had served me for so long, followed my lead.”

“Oh my…”

“That’s good to hear. There are a lot of naval guilds in the Ranford territory. There are also carpenters’ and fishermen’s guilds.”

They must have taken Father’s side.
Some of them used to be sailors, so he has navigators to do business across the sea.


“Now we profit by shipping goods by boats.”


I thought Mother’s eyes were shining.

“Mom, I think it’s time…”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Henry looked at me.

(Before Mom’s bad habits come out!)

He was desperately pleading with me!

“Father must be tired from his long trip. He needs to rest…”

“Oh my, I’m not very attentive, am I?”

“I will show him to his room right away…”

I thought I would just show Father to a guest room, but I was naive.

“I’m not that tired, but… right. I have a little something for you, Lady Anesia.”

“Oh my, what is it?”

“Father-in-law, no need to be so… geh!”

What he took out of his bag was a magnificent model of a ship.


“Oh my, what a wonderful-looking boat!”

“This is a model of the prototype boat I currently own.”

When Mother saw the model, she was so excited.

And again.

“How lovely! Yes. I just thought of something great!”


What was great for Mom was not so good for Henry.

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