v2 Chapter 19

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Father’s Status Report
Around the time of the successful birth of our first child, we received a letter from my Father.
The Ranford family had been in quite a mess, but they had been able to separate.

However, the two people had abused Father until they were able to separate, and Shepherd, who had always looked down on him and considered him an obstacle, was glad to be rid of him.

Did he think he could do better?
Mother had suspected Father’s infidelity, misunderstood him, and afterward, hurled abuses at him and demanded consolation money.

That’s impossible.
Father had been running around for our family all his life, giving up drinking and smoking, and forced himself to live a simple life.

And yet, she thinks he stayed out of our territory to play around with his mistresses?

“This is terrible… too terrible.”

“Bunch of fools. They are strangling themselves. Now they are guilty of one more crime.”

“Ah… I see.”

Would Father dare to silently accept the abuse?
I’m sure the conversation was recorded if he had been accompanied by a lawyer.

“If this goes to court, they will lose for sure.”

“Yes, but I doubt it will go that far.”

Do you think they have that kind of money?
The Ranford family has recovered for now, but there are nobles and merchants who helped them before they got back on their feet.

They all trusted our Father.
Even the people of the fief love him, but all those two think about is increasing the heavy taxation to support their extravagant life.

They don’t think about what will happen if the territory falls into ruin.
On the other hand, Father prioritized protecting the lives of his people while protecting the fiefdom that was entrusted to him.


It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he was too good for them.
They don’t understand him at all.

“Well, I can see what they are thinking.”

They think they will get public sympathy and gain the upper hand.
Father is the live-in son-in-law, so he would receive a bashing, and Shepherd would be recognized as the head of the family because of his engagement to a Count’s daughter.

“They are stupid from head to toe.”

“Yes, however, I’m irrelevant once Father is removed from the family registry.”

They disowned me, and because Father is the only one I am worried about, then I don’t care anymore what happens to them now that the divorce went through.

Our connections are completely severed.

“But then, why did the Viscountess do such a foolish thing?”


“I don’t mean to be mean.”

I have my own thoughts about the matter Mother spoke about with a sigh and a hand on her cheek.
It’s a disgrace to expose your own family affairs to the world, not only to the nobility but also to the common people.

And yet, she has been blabbing bad things about her husband to her friends for some time now.

Why did she do that?

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