v2 Chapter 18

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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A Bold Mother
I have been knitting and weaving since I was young.
I was taken apprentice by a senior handmaid who was also a seamstress.

“With the things I made for her…”

“Marchioness was so delighted that she went around boasting about it in the salons around the Capital.”

“Is there a bragging championship going about?”

What is she doing?

“It’s more fashionable and lighter than other scarves, and very popular among women. The young ladies in particular were smitten by it.”


“So, as a thanks, she sent you these presents.”


These items are from a neighboring country, no?

“Oh, I forgot to mention that the Marchioness is the sister of the King of the neighboring kingdom.”

Why are you acquainted with such people?

Just what kind of connections do you have?

“Haven’t you made a lot of things to help with my coldness?”

“I did.”

“I let a few items to her.”

“Don’t lend it. That’s rude… have you taken it back?”

“Of course, I did. It was a gift from Marie, after all.”

I’m glad you feel that way, Mother.
But I wonder if it’s all right to be so rude?

“The Marchioness is a very free woman.”

“Birds of a feather flock together, eh?”


I thought that was a bit rude.

“Well, I won’t deny it, will I? The Marchioness is the sister of His Majesty the King, but her mother was a commoner, so she lived a hard life.”


“Is that so?”

“She was discriminated against when she was a child, so she left the country.”

“I don’t know where to interject anymore.”

Me too, Henry.
I did not know there were women more dynamic than our Mother.

“So, don’t be so bothered about it. Rather, it would be more convenient later if you got to know her better.”

At this time, the servants standing by must be having many thoughts in their hearts.

Namely, that Mother is a frightening person.
There’s nothing more reassuring than having her on your side, but you have no idea how terrifying it is when she’s your enemy.

“Well, let’s leave it at that. Marie still needs to rest.”


“Oh my, so you understand your Granny!”

The young child in my arms stretched his arms.

“What’s up?”

“He loves his Granny, right?”

Well, I thought that everything was fine as long as Mother was happy, but the situation was more exaggerated than I thought.


That’s because…


A new business was formed when the scarves and gloves I made started to become very popular in places I did not know.

It was a clothing store dedicated to baby and children’s clothing.
The new business, which targeted pregnant women and employed women only, was a big breakthrough, that could not be imitated, and it had to make big profits from exclusive sales.




Needless to say, Henry was greatly troubled by the turn of events.

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