v2 Chapter 17

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Safe Delivery and Vertigo
I had an easy delivery, right on my due date.
During my pregnancy, Bella was surprised that my morning sickness was not as bad as other pregnant women, even though I had some.

“It’s a healthy boy.”

“Oh my, I didn’t care about the gender, as long as they were safe and healthy.”

Mother said she had always wanted a healthy child, but she was happy with a boy.

“I bet he will grow to look like Marie. He came out easily, caring about his Mother’s well-being.”

“No, you are overthinking that.”

“By the way, did you know how much trouble I went through when you weren’t getting out until later than the due date?”

“Yes, that’s right. Master Henry didn’t come out for a long time.”

“Do you two have something against me?”

Henry’s black history was revealed on this occasion.
I almost laughed at the new revelation.

“Now, everyone. Is Lady Marie’s body not important to you?”

“Of course, it is. Let’s get you some rest.”

“Yes, thank you very much.”

I felt so tired, who knew giving birth was this difficult.
It’s really hard for a mother to have a baby, isn’t it?

But I feel so much love for the child I gave birth to after all the pain in my belly.

I heard that the first child is special, so I can understand the strong love she had for Shepherd.

But that doesn’t mean I can forgive her for what she did to me.
I don’t care anymore.

Two weeks passed.

And more problems arose.

“Mom, what’s with this mountain of clothes?”

“I bought it!”

“””Don’t say it so casually!”””


Our new house was stocked with clothes, underwear and toys for the baby.
And all of it was brand-name stuff.

“It’s all custom-made, you know? They are all top-notch in quality.”

“Enough of your excuses. This number of clothes… is just too much.”

“Underwear is a consumable item, having more is good for hygiene. They’re custom-made from the neighboring country.”

“And that money…”

“Of course.”

Oh, how much did it cost?
I’m sure you could buy an entire mansion just from this stuff.

“But half of it is from Countess Holowen and the Marchioness Vermeer.”


What did she just say?
Did she say it was from Countess and Marchioness?

“Look, did you not knit lap blankets for others before?”


I have a bad feeling about this.

“One of them has been bragging about it at the salon.”

“What is she doing?”

“I heard she was talking how it was lighter and more stylish looking than leather coats and heavy winter gear, so she wanted you to make another one.”

I think I was told she wanted to give one to her friend’s daughter before.

“Oh my goodness. I certainly made it.”

“But I also thought she was the daughter of a merchant family, not the wife of a nobleman. It was for a child, so I made it out of goat’s hair, which didn’t cost much.”


What a thing to give to a highborn noblewoman.

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