v2 Chapter 23

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Qualifications of an Heir.
According to the law of this country, even the eldest son cannot become the head of the family unconditionally.
Even commoners are subject to various troublesome procedures, including a three-year long preparatory period before taking over the reins.

It was natural for the nobility.
Unlike court nobles, nobles who own a fiefdom are entrusted with it, so the heirs must learn the proper manners as the head of the family and study the management of the fiefdom.

Shepherd did not study such things.
He said he did not have to learn, even after Father asked him to.

“He most likely doesn’t know.”

“He’s not very bright, is he?”

“Yeah, he must have thought that being the family head is troublesome, so he just wanted to do the good part.”

In fact, he had left all the troublesome work to Henry.
The lords of the neighborhood believe Henry was the temporal head of the family, so there is no way they would recognize Shepherd.

“He has no idea how hard it is for an upstart merchant to become a Count.”


“Now, Shepherd is just the son of a Viscount… and in three months’ time he will be the son of a Baroness.”

If that’s the case, what about Shepherd’s fiancée?
There is a big difference between a son of a Viscount and a son of a Baroness.

Many of those who hold the title of Barons are former commoners.

“Whatever happens, I don’t care.”

“I see.”

If the fiancée and her parents say they have been scammed, I won’t care.

That’s all they have ever done to me, after all.
They deserve it, and even if they ask me for help, I am not obligated to do so.


We are already strangers.

You can take the Count’s daughter as your wife and do as you please.

“It’s okay, Marie, I can protect you now. I’m sorry for being useless until now.”


“I have been a disappointing father… and couldn’t protect you all these years.”

How could I blame him?
He is the live-in son-in-law, and the mother-in-law was strict with him. He was the head of the family, and yet he was treated with disrespect and contempt.

And yet, Father has always protected his family and his people.

“Thank you, Father, but you must think about your own happiness now.”

He has sacrificed more than enough for the family.

“I am okay now.”

“You have become stronger.”


I had to say goodbye to the weak me of the past.
I am a mother now.

One week later, my Father moved into his mansion in the Capital to stay closer to me.

With my Father watching over me, I was able to lead a peaceful life, but there was no way I could have known that there was a disturbance going on at my former family’s house.

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