v1 Chapter 4

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Adorable Daughter-in-law
I have an adorable daughter-in-law.
She was too good for that stiff, overly serious, stupid son of mine.

I married my husband after a passionate falling in love.
After ten years of marriage, we finally had a child and I have been trying to be strong despite all the rumors.

My husband passed away when Henry was very young, and I raised him by myself.
It took a lot of hard work to rebuild our fading household, but I took pride in my work and taught it to my son.

I gave him the best education and taught him not to be ashamed to go out in the social world.
Then I was introduced to Marie, a girl who was a special student at the same school.

She was a very hard worker.
She was modest with a love of learning, and the complete opposite of me, who was outspoken about everything.

She was very clever.

I was surprised that the stubborn Henry, fell in love with her.

However, I heard that her family relations were not so good.
She was a noble young lady, who was treated coldly by her mother, who favored her brother in every way.

A little after they have gotten married, I was informed that her brother was getting married as well.

I received a letter from Henry stating that they might be kicked out of the Ranford family.

I thought that there was no way.
It was the two of them who had rebuilt the Ranford household, which was on the verge of collapse.

Above all, I didn’t think they would drive away their own.


A week later, Henry’s fears came true.
I was stunned when the letter arrived.

How could she do this to the child she had given birth to with such pain?

But, on the other hand, I thought.
If they don’t want Marie, I will take her.

In fact, I would like to build a mansion nearby and have her within my sight.

She probably wouldn’t like co-living with her Mother-in-law, so I don’t wish for much.
But I thought it would be nice to have her within sight, were something to happen.

I only have one child, Henry.
All of my inheritance will go to Henry, but at this point, I can adopt Marie as an heir and have her inherit my business.

She would have to be adopted as an heir to inherit my business due to family registration issues, but the Ranford family doesn’t understand how valuable Marie is.

If they are going to hand over their hidden treasure themselves, I’m not going to refuse.

“Someone, get me a carriage.”

After this, I hastened to make travel arrangements and contacted a lawyer.
Just in case.

Then I went to pick up Henry and Marie, and when I saw them drenched in the rain, I couldn’t stand it and burst into tears.

I couldn’t believe that they would throw her out in such thin clothes in such cold weather!

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