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In-law’s Home
After an overnight stay and a comfortable trip, we arrived at the Royal Capital.

“Mom, you have renovated the mansion?”

“Yes, it was getting old. I took the opportunity to expand.”

Even low-ranked nobles don’t live in such big mansions, though Mother-in-law said it so simply.
Her parents are commoners, but they were what is called bourgeois.

I heard that they were wealthier than low-ranked nobles and had many businesses.
In particular, they own a lot of real estate and land, and run clothing stores and restaurants.

I was told they were still working hard.

“There are more servants too.”


It was difficult in my family to increase the number of servants.
We weren’t that wealthy, so I had to take on the role of a servant.

That being said, because we didn’t have to compare to the luxury of the old days, we lived frugally to save money.

“Mom, the house next door is?”

“It’s for servants only. A Baron wanted to sell, so we bought it for a very reasonable price.”

A servants’ house?
I had never imagined that a luxurious mansion with a garden would be used as a dormitory for servants.

“I prefer live-in servants to commuting servants.”


I am reminded that my in-laws have a different sense of money, because live-in workers are more difficult financially in many ways.

“Don’t worry, I write it off as expenses.”

“As expected of my Mom.”

“Besides, it’s only natural to give special treatment to talented people. It is more wasteful to bring in new servants frequently.”

If you dislike a servant, you have to let them go and bring in a new one, that is the nobility’s way of thinking.

“Well, in my case it’s because I’m trying to cut down on waste… but we’ll talk about the difficult stuff later!”

Mother-in-law then took out a bell out of nowhere and rung it.

“Welcome back, Madam. We have been awaiting you, Lord Henry, Lady Marie.”

Merces, the housekeeper, appeared.

“Take them to their room, we will have tea after they are settled.”


“I have some preparations to make first.”

Mother-in-law, who seemed flustered for some reason, left.

“Sorry about that.”

“No, it’s okay.”

I was about to take my luggage to my room.

“We have been awaiting you.”


“We have been entrusted to assist you in everything, Lady Marie. Firstly, let’s get you a change of clothes.”

“The bath has been prepared as well.”

“Please come this way!”

The people, who seemed to be maids, had encircled me.

“Oi, you guys!”

“Young Lord can wait in the dining room.”

The maids forcibly took me to the bathroom, took care of this and that for me, and then dressed me up.

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