v2 Chapter 2

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Special Treatment
I was taken by three maids to a bathroom and took care of me.

“Oh my, your hair is splitting.”

“Truly… however, the treatment will be effective.”

“Moreover, your skin is so white.”

I dozed off in the flower-scented bathtub after washing my body.

How pleasant that was.
In my parents’ house, I was the last one to wash, and I was not allowed to take a bath in the bathtub.

I was never allowed to wash my hair like this.

After bathing, I was offered fruit juice water for moisture and then put on loose-fitting clothes.

“We would like to dress you up more, but…”

“We were instructed by Madam to dress you in a comfortable outfit.”

“A dressmaker has been contacted to come after the teatime.”

A dressmaker?
Why is there a need for a dressmaker to come?

“We were ordered to have all of your clothes tailored from scratch.”

You have to know how expensive it is to make clothes custom-made.

“It’s Madam’s dream, after all.”

“Yes, she even wanted to choose Western-style clothes for you herself after the marriage.”

It’s hard to refuse.
I didn’t dare to say no when I looked into the expectant eyes of the three maids.

“Are you done?”


The maids bowed to Mother-in-law as she entered the room.
Behind her, Henry looked exhausted.

“Mom’s preferences again?”

“My sense for clothes is never wrong.”

These clothes are also very good.
Unlike the clothes I usually wear, it was made of high quality fabrics, and even the shoes were matching.

“Well, let’s have a cup of tea. Come, sit down.”


“Y… yes.”

On the table were luxurious sweets and tea.

“Everything is prepared for you.”

“Am I a bonus?”

“I mean, tea parties are usually girls-only, no?”

I wonder if I can call it girls only with just the two of us.

“Well, sit down.”


I was kind of intimidated.

Rather, who am I?
I’m the daughter-in-law, I should be brewing the tea.

“Don’t mind it. Go along with Mom’s selfishness for a little.”


I won’t be selfish.
Even before we were married, Mother-in-law never did anything wrong to me.

She has a refreshing personality and not disagreeable at all.
She has the grace to admit and apologize immediately if she has done something wrong.

However, she did not get along with my own Mother.
My Mother has a high self-esteem and is an absolutist about status, so she could not tolerate commoners even if they were wealthy.

“What is it, Marie?”

“It’s tasty. Very tasty…”

It was my favorite apple tea.
She remembered.

That makes me so happy.

“Try the cookie, too. You like those, right?”

“I do.”

I don’t know when I have felt so happy since.

It was so warm that even my heart felt warmed up.

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