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We had to stay at an inn before going to the Royal Capital.

“This is…”

“Oh, it’s one of the inns I’m managing.”

The inn I imagined was much smaller, but the one in front of me was a hotel.
It was a magnificent structure, the kind used by high-ranking nobles.

“This is actually a villa I bought from a noble. And we renovated it.”

“As expected of my Mom.”

“The exterior is quite nice, too, isn’t it? The only thing I have a little complaint about is the food.”

Once we walked inside, a footman greeted us.

“We have been waiting for you, President. Let me guide you to your room.”


He was quite an elegant footman.
Every move he made was well practiced.

“Mom, that person is…”

“Yes, a former knight.”

“You picked him up?”


I didn’t think she would be going around and hiring former Knights.

“It’s a lot less expensive than hiring another guard.”

“I see…”

“Besides, former Knights have their uses.”

It’s amazing how even Knights can be utilized by her.
Going as far as to using suspicious people if they can be used, that’s the kind of person my Mother-in-law is.

“Well, let’s eat before it gets cold.”

The food she ordered was a course menu.

“As I thought…”


The food was all very luxurious, but not something that would be normally eaten over here.

We were in the mountains, of course sea fish wouldn’t be a hit here.

“Why are you not using local products from the mountains?”


“Sea fish taste the best in the locations near the seas, they won’t be as fresh when they get here.”

I think it would be better to use fish from the mountain rivers, but in the most expensive restaurants, they prefer to use fish from the sea, especially the high-end ones.

“That… makes sense. As expected of my Marie!”

“Eh? Mother-in-law?”

“Mom, your during-a-meal manners are not acceptable.”

Suddenly, Mother-in-law got up and called for the head waiter and left.

“What happened?”

“I’m afraid she’s thinking of something bad again.”

She is so passionate about her work that she can’t think of anything else when it comes to business.

I like her that way.

“Marie! Thank you.”

“As I told you, Mom, don’t be so noisy at a meal.”

“I think I’ve just had a breakthrough on my new project.”

She smiled happily as she held my hand.
I didn’t mean to do anything, but she thanked me tremendously.

And this was the beginning of it all.
That I would later be entrusted with consulting for my Mother-in-law’s business is a story for another time.

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