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Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Mother-in-law Appears
We were thrown out with no money and only a simple luggage, and we had nowhere to go.

After walking for a while, it started to rain.

“Oh no, it’s raining.”

“It will be alright, Marie.”

The warmth of Henry’s arms around me was the only thing that kept me warm.

And then,

“A carriage?”

A carriage stopped in a place with close to no streetlights.
It was a very fine carriage, which I thought was very rare for this area.

“Marie! Henry!”



It was my Mother-in-law who stepped down from the carriage.
She was dressed in a suit and hurried over with an umbrella.

“Oh, I’m so sorry for being late.”

“No, your timing was perfect.”

“Is that so? I’m glad to hear that. Come on, get in.”

I wondered why the timing was so perfect, but I understood when I saw Henry’s mischievous smile.

Did he perhaps anticipate this to happen?

“Here, have a cup of tea to warm yourself up.”

“Mom, it smells very bitter.”

“It’s good for the body.”

The tea was bitter at first glance, but I couldn’t afford to not drink it.


“Don’t force yourself too much. Mom, your skills are still the same.”

“Oh my, is that so? The only thing I’m good at when it comes to cooking is mixing juice.”

I wonder if that can be called cooking?
However, it did warm up my body.


“I have got alcohol too, if you’d like.”

“You don’t have to take that out.”

I felt my heart warm up a little, but why is Mother-in-law here?

“But this truly happened out of the blue. I was surprised.”

“Sorry about that.”

“No need. But when I heard you were moving in with me, I was so happy I came flying over.”


Living together with Mother-in-law?
I have no idea what is going on whatsoever.

“I got a letter from Henry saying that your brother was getting married and that you might be thrown out.”

“You wrote something like that, Henry?”

“Yeah, I kept having a bad feeling.”

Should I say that he’s the same as ever, or just alert?

“But this situation is unexpectedly good for me. I am growing old… and many things are getting rough. I am glad you are moving in with me.”


“Besides, I love the sweets you make, Marie.”

My Mother-in-law, a businesswoman, was delighted with the sweets I made during our engagement period.
Although she was a commoner, she should have a discerning palate due to her wealth, but she preferred country cooking and homemade simple sweets.

“I may come across as rude by saying this, but this incident is a happy occasion for me.”


“I apologize, Marie. But, I would rather you stay by my side in the Royal Capital, where your soup won’t get cold.”

Even though we are not related by blood, my Mother-in-law really cares about me.

This warmth touched my heart.

“Even though I may look like this, I have plenty of savings, and I am still earning more, so just pretend you boarded a large ship.”

“Thank you very much.”

I thought I was a lucky girl because I had a reliable Mother-in-law like this.
Ironically, I was not blessed with a blood-related family instead.

The only ally I had was my Father.

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