Chapter 6

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“… So, next we should talk about your compensation.”

“I don’t really need it though…”

Rishell and His Majesty are unrelated with the infidelity of that stupid prince.

Though I am angry at that idiot, I am grateful to those two.
Look, they have proved that my crimes were just false accusations.

“Don’t say that now… it concerns the dignity of the royal family.”

Throw that away. I don’t need it.
… I can’t say that.

Though there really is no need to make it up for me~… I don’t have anything I want in particular anyway.

“No, it really is fine, you know…?”

“Please think of something.”

… This exchange repeated about ten times.

At last, Rishell broke down.

“… Haah, I got it. Olga, you really are stubborn.”

“Sorry for that.”

I am well aware of it myself.
I stuck out my tongue at him.

… Well, being able to have an exchange like this shows how well we get along.
All the more since we are classmates.

… Well, I do occasionally feel threatening gazes from other girls. I don’t give a damn about it though.

… At that moment, Bang! the door of the parlor was opened.

“Elder sister! Are you all right!?”

The one who rushed in while saying that was my little brother, Celsior.

We are not siblings related by blood, as he’s Otousama’s little brother’s child.
I was told that his parents died, so we took him in.

… By the way, he’s a capture target.
If Rishell was of the cool type, then Celsior would be the cute type. He has a pretty blonde hair that shines like the sun and big, round blue eyes like a squirrel.

… If you stare into those eyes, you feel like doing anything he says…

Incidentally, he’s a year younger than me.

“Celsior, I am all right.”

“Really!? Are you not injured anywhere!? Did that stupid prince not rob you of your purity!?”

“How much of sexual harassment are you thinking?”

As if I let it be robbed.

… No, I was certainly about to be brought into his room once, but I was saved by Rishell that time…

… With fists.

“She’s fine… she was about to be brought down, but we have helped her.”

“Thank you very much, seriously, thank you very much Rishell-sama… I will kill that fellow.”

As soon as Rishell who returned to the honorifics mode said so, a bloodthirst rushed out of Celsior’s body.

… A bloodthirst that would put an assassin to shame, not that I have met one before though.

“That reminds me, where were you, Celsior? I haven’t seen you while this and that was happening…”

I have not seen Celsior’s figure in the Moses-state like crowd.

When I asked, Celsior made a bitter face.


“… I got surrounded by young ladies for some reason and was taking a refuge at the terrace.”

I was late because of that, he said in frustration.

Ahh, I see.
No wonder I didn’t see him around.

Normally, he rushes towards me like a watchdog when something happens to me, so I was worried.

“That reminds me, Celsior doesn’t have a fiancée, right? Did any of the ladies caught your eyes?”


When I asked, Celsior’s face turned bright red and he was stealing glances at me.

… Ah, is he worried? My engagement was just broken, so he might be thinking that such talk is not appropriate.

“… Ah, don’t worry about it. I don’t feel anything from having my engagement with that guy canceled.”

Rather, I want to celebrate.
Well, my name itself got wounded, but I have said everything I wanted, so I have no regrets.

“… No, I don’t think that’s what this was about.”

“Eh? What?”

What are you saying, Dante.
My little brother is kindhearted, so he’s considerate of everyone!

“E, errm… no, Elder sister! Elder sister, what are you going to do from now on!?”

… Mu, you ran away, Celsior.

I tried pursing Celsior more, but I was stopped by Rishell.

“That’s right, Olga. What do you want to do from now on?”

… Don’t get on board…

From now on, huh.
My engagement with the stupid prince was broken and I got falsely accused by Sherina.

At this point in time, anything that doesn’t add another death route is good.

That being the case, I decided.

“… I will marry a noble from the countryside and enjoy slowli… live leisurely in comfort.”

Right, this is my current objective.
Unhindered by anyone slowlife.

… How dreamy that would be!
I consider that limitlessly wonderful idea after the lifetime supply of drama I received today.

Besides, if I stay here like I am, I might have to spend my time as the heroine of the game.
Fortunately, the comforting event didn’t happen even though my engagement was broken off.

… In other words, the game hasn’t probably started yet.
It’s not too late yet. I will keep a distance from them and live in the countryside…!

The countryside live! Slowlife!

There’s nothing else in my head anymore.

… I didn’t think Rishell and others would oppose me though.

“W, what are you saying!? I hate the idea of not being able to see you!”

“T, that’s right, Elder sister! I can’t live if Elder sister isn’t here!”

“Stop it Olga! Rishell-sama would get annoying if Olga isn’t here!”

… There’s a different opinion mixed in. Rather, I don’t understand why both Celsior and Rishell cut off the honorifics.

… No, so what?
Why is everyone looking so menacing all of sudden even though they were so calm just until a little while ago…?

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