Chapter 5

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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You don’t have to stall me.
“Wait a moment please”


When I was about to leave the hall, Rishell forcefully stopped me… by seizing my collar.

This dress was expensive tough, what are you going to do if you damage it?
Rather, seizing me by the collar is painful.

“Oh my, excuse me… will you hear me out for a moment, please?”

“… For what reason?”

Bothersome. I want to go home.

I glared with such emotions at Rishell, but he ignored it.

“It is to discuss your compensation and their punishment… you will hear me out, right?”

Scary. He’s smiling but his eyes are not.

I mean, he obviously looks like Hannya…
It seems like I will be done in if I oppose him…

“… Yes.”

I reluctantly squeezed a feeble voice out of me.

“… Please, come inside.”

Rishell, Dante and I slipped through the hall and arrived at a parlor.

Everyone was in the hall, so there was no traffic.

The moment I stepped into the parlor, Dante shut the door closed.

“… Now then, about the infidelity of my elder brother…”


What is it? Rishell looked at me.

… I have felt sick since a while ago.
The moment he appeared, all the time.

I stopped my honorifics and said.

“… Rishell, how long are you going to continue talking like that?”

When I asked such, he sighed.

“… At least le me apologize.”

“No it fine, it’s making me feel sick.”

When I cut him off, Dante burst into a laughter.

“Bufu! … Haha, you are the same as always! The only one who can say that to Rishell-sama is you, Olga!”

Saying such, he started laughing with a vigor that makes me feel like he was going to explode at any moment.

… How rude. What I have just said were only my true feelings.

“… Haah, I got it. If you say it’s making you feel sick, then it means that I haven’t gotten used to this way of talking yet.”

With a complete change of his tone, Rishell started laughing as well.

This is his true character.
He feigns friendliness in front of people.

However, it has been several months since our first meeting.

For some reason, he has exposed his true character to me.

Rather than that sarcastic way of speaking, I think this way suits him much more though…


“Well, wouldn’t it seem normal to others? I know how you are normally, so I couldn’t help but feel disgusted.”

“She said disgusting again… bufu.”

I also got to know Dante who keeps laughing at Rishell.

My first meeting with him went like this as well.

… However, now that I have regained my memories, I have one question.

… In the game, even in front of the heroine, Rishell kept talking in that disgusting way until the very end.

By no means, he spoke to her with such frankness.

I didn’t feel uncomfortable when seeing it outside the game, but… what is it, now that I know, that way of speech makes me feel disgusted.

“… Stop laughing already, Dante”

“No, that’s not possible… I mean, it’s too funn… gofaah!?”

… Ah, Dante who laughed too much got kicked by Rishell.

… He’s groaning but also suffering the consequences, so I know nothing.

“T… that hurt, Rishell-sama…”

“You reap what you sow, idiot”

When Dante is near Rishell, his aloofness strangely disappears…

Is that the cause?

“… So, Olga… I will cut to the chase… what do you want to do with those two?”

Rishell asked with a serious expression.
Hmm, even if you ask me…

“No, nothing in particular… but, if I had to say then I would wish for that stupid prince not to become the next King.”

Of course, by stupid prince I mean Albert.
I guess there aren’t any people better suited for that word than him.

“Ah, that won’t happen. The next King will be me after all”

“… Holy cow!”

I didn’t know… eh? Seriously?

The one to become the Crown Prince and King, in the end, is normally the first prince, right!?
Well, I knew it was impossible for that stupid!

“I was personally called over by my Father a while ago… he told me that it was impossible for Elder brother and that he would leave it to me.”

“I am of the exact same opinion as His Majesty.”

His Majesty is seriously wise.
If that stupid became the King then this country would fall into a ruin.

… First, he would have women serve him, then he would embezzle the money, start a war with a foreign country and lose. I can only imagine.

“… Well, he would commit all kinds of heinous crimes…”

Dante said with a distant look.

As expected of a guard knight.
He somehow seems to recognize the face of evil.

… Even if the face is irrelevant, you would know after spending one day with him.

“… Well, I am glad. The country will be safe.”

“I am honored to receive your praise.”

Rishell said with a smile.

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