Chapter 32

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“… Well, you can forget about my feelings for a moment. Leaving that talk aside, how about we talk about the countryside life.”

“Y, yes.”

That’s right, let’s leave it aside.
And, take a deep breath.

Calm down, me.

“… They way you move to the countryside, may I decide that on my own?”

“Yes, please do so.”

Though I could prepare a carriage on my own, it would be the end of the road if the family got to know of it.

Even if I escaped during the night, the guards are patrolling 24/7, so it would be the end if I got caught.
Thank you for your hard work as usual.

… Therefore, I would be grateful if he could prepare the means of transport.

“… Well, putting when to execute the plan aside… ah, the classroom your butler attends is over there, right? I will excuse myself here.”

“Ah, yes.”

Oswald said so a little before Keith’s classroom.

I wouldn’t mind returning in the group of three though… is there someone waiting for Oswald too?

“Then, see you again.”

“Good bye.”

Saying farewell, Oswald returned the way we came.

… Still, how surprising.

No, I’m surprised about the love at first sight comment too, but I’m most surprised about Lance being friends with someone like him.

There are a few people… no, a lot of people who misunderstood Lance because of his Oresama personality.

Because we are his only friends, his situation is quite saddening.

… I’m the same though!

That’s why I might have trusted him even though it was our first time meeting.
I was at my wits’ end too though.

… Well, it will be fine since he’s Lance’s friend, right!

“… Umm, Olga-sama?”


While pondering by myself, Keith was looking at my face from close up before I noticed.
Too close, too close.

“You seemed to be pondering about something, but… are you all right?”

“Ah, yes, I’m fine, there’s no problem.”

Why is Keith…? I thought, but I must have been probably thinking for a long time, so he must have discovered me when he left from his classroom.

… His eyesight is good even though he wears glasses, huh.

“… Is that so?”

“Indeed. Let’s go home.”

I can’t let my slow life plan come to nothing in a place like this.

… I thought that I will have to look for a noble that had a territory in the countryside, but it helped that the other party came to me.

Moreover, he’s Lance’s friend and from a House of Duke.

… His background and trustworthiness is a wonderful thing.

Keith was walking beside me who was grinning suspiciously.

“I am home~”

While thinking to make sure that I don’t get exposed, it apparently appeared on my face as Keith asked me「Did something good happen?” in the carriage.

I did say “No, nothing in particular”, but I was apparently way too merry.

Celsior who came out after hearing my voice also asked “Elder sister, did something happen?”

“Does it show on my face that much?”

Arriving in my room, I threw my bag on top of the table and grumbled.

I have been praised “You are a good and obedient child, aren’t you?” “They way your expressions change is funny.” “It immediately appears on your face, so you are easy to understand.” since the old days… no, the last one is speaking ill of me, no?


By the way, it was Lance who said it.

I have been told so since I was a child, but I noticed just today for the first time that it really might be the truth.

… I have to be careful.

Fuu, taking off my coat while letting out a sigh, something clashed against the window.

“… What is it?”

Did a neighboring child throw a stone in my window?
No wait, since there are only houses of the noblemen here, it would create strange rumors, so that’s surely not the case.

… Then, what is it?

When I looked out of the window, a little white bird was hitting the window with its beak.

“Ah, so cute… n?”

When I approached, intending to admire it, I saw a letter tied to the bird’s leg.

… A carrier pigeon?
But, is this a pigeon? Not a white-eye?

Leaving the bird’s kind aside, this bird has apparently come to deliver a letter to my house.

… Is it for me? For Otousama or Okaasama? Possibly for Celsior too…?

I unfastened the letter from its leg to confirm.

… When I unrolled it to look, “To Olga” was written on it.

“… To me?”

Did I have someone to exchange letters with…?
I’m meeting with everyone at school…

I read the letter while thinking so.

“… Seriously?”

I smiled wryly as I looked up to the sky from the window.

What do I say, well, the letter was from Oswald.

“He certainly said that he would contact me…”

To think he it would be by a carrier pigeon.

So he didn’t mean that we would talk again in the school?

I would like if he let me know in advance…

… Well, anyhow.
It looks like something Oswald would do.

It’s sad that my impression of him is someone who would be whispering something like It’s the secret only for the two of us☆ to a girl.

… How could this pop into his mind after a first-day meeting?

So, about the contents of the letter.

“I arranged the carriage at 3 o’clock in the afternoon on the following holiday, I’d like you to get on it.”

It was written simply… it wasn’t.

As expected of Oswald, he wrote at least five unnecessary incomprehensible things such as “My beautiful rose.” and “I want to see you soon.” that made a shiver run up my spine.

… I don’t need to keep this, right?

Since when did I become a beautiful rose?
I have been called a weed in the past, so it’s quite the difference.

… Well, that’s in the past.

Still, I don’t know where and how I will get to the carriage.

When I turned the letter over while thinking so, there were flowery words forming a sentence that sent chills up my spine that left me completely exhausted.

He would use only half of the paper did he get rid of the flowery words, no!?

After complaining in my mind, I calmed down and read it again.

“Additionally, that carriage will be prepared in front of a certain store, so I would like if you went out and somehow shook off the guards and got on it.”

… How proper! To think he would support me this far!

… Well, it would be a congratulatory matter if I could live in the countryside though!

Breathing a sigh, I let the bird inside my room and took out a paper to write a letter of an acknowledgment.

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