Chapter 31

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“Hey, Olga.”

The after school of the day Oswald came to visit our classroom for the first time.

As usual, I arrived at the staircase (there was the incident with Serena, so I went to the popular one) leading to Keith’s classroom.

There, someone called out to me.

“… Ahh, hello.”

It was the always smiling Oswald.

… He should be in the same school year as Lance since he’s his friend… is Oswald on his way home too?

Then quickly go if that’s the case. I’m not returning after all.

“Yeah, you are beautiful as always」

“Haah, thanks.”

I, fundamentally, don’t trust the compliments of the noblemen.

Rishell and others are different, but everyone else approaches me because they want to form ties with my influential noble family.

… Although Oswald doesn’t seem to be someone like that, does he not have any self-respect?

Probably not.

“By the way Olga, I have something I’d like to ask you.”

No, I thought so too before, but you have been calling my name all of sudden. I don’t mind though.

… Something you would like to ask? He’s a womanizer, so he might lock me up and do this and that to me…

Perceiving my wild delusions, Oswald smiled wryly.

“I won’t drag you to some strange place, you can answer me right here.”

“… Haah.”

I feel like I’ve been letting out sighs all this time, but there’s no helping for it.
It’s unavoidable.

Oswald lowered his voice so the surroundings wouldn’t hear.

“… You, is it the truth that you want to live in the countryside? I’ve heard about it from Lance, but…”


I raised my face and looked at Oswald.

He was smiling as usual.

… I can’t read him. What is he planning by asking me that?

“… My House has a fief in the countryside… I think I would like to grant your wish, but…”

“!? … Are you serious!?”

Forgetting to lower my voice, I yelled out loud.

… All the students got surprised and averted their gazes.

“Ah, I am sorry…”

Right, this was a place with people…
I raised my voice in surprise and delight.

Taking a look at Oswald, thinking whether I angered him, he was still smiling.

… Just how much does this person smile?
Are his mimetic muscles fixed in place, I wonder?

While thinking that Oswald and Rishell were somewhat similar, I addressed Oswald once more.

“… I’m sorry, I lost control… so, were you telling the truth about letting me live in the countryside?”

“Ah, so it was the truth after all… yeah, how about changing a place to somewhere we can have a proper talk?”

I hesitated for a bit, but I recalled that Keith was waiting for me.

“… Ah, I’m sorry. My steward is waiting for me.”


Even though it was a good chance to live in the countryside…
At least, would it be not possible to leave the talk for another day?

“… Huh, then how about we talk on the way to that person’s classroom? Would that be all right?”

Thinking for a bit, there was no reason to decline, so I nodded in acknowledgment.

… It’s fine, right?
Keith won’t report it to Otousama, will he…?

“Good… then, shall we go?”

Oswald said so.

I heard his story while going down the staircase.

… I thought he would be all goofy like always, but he was unexpectedly serious.

“… For one, the Rinburg region belongs to our fief. Do you know where Rinburg region is located?”

“… Yes. If I’m not mistaken… it’s adjacent with Regulia, right?”

Regulia is the neighboring country’s name and that country is known for it’s proactive trading.
Rinburg is in the west of our country, which is far, far away from Capital which is located in the center.

If I took refugee there, the possibility of meeting those guys would be close to zero.

“Right, I believe that you would be able to live the countryside life you are so desiring, but…”

“Yes, it’s ideal.”

… With that, I might not be dying.
Rinburg is considered obsolete, and there’s a little population too.

In other words, I wouldn’t be seeing Rishell and others.

While feeling relieved, I had one question.

… Why is Oswald, whom I have just met treating me so kindly?

“… Umm, why are you so kind to me?”

“Because I felt in love with you at first sight.”

… I’m sorry?

Fell in love at first sight?

Is that a type of rice?

… I don’t quite understand what he means, but what should I say?

“Ah, eh… ha?”

“My heart throbbed the moment I saw you. Your long pretty hair, gentle-looking eyes, your dignified posture. I thought I met my destined person.”

Oswald continued talking while I was dumbfounded.

Ah, this is not good.
He’s not listening to me.

First of all, I have to tell him that I won’t go out just with anyone…

“U, umm, I’m sorry, but I…”

“Ahh, I understand. You have no interest in having a lover, right?”

I heard from Lance, Oswald said with a dried laugh.

… Lance, do you know what personal privacy is?
Don’t talk about anything and everything…

“Besides, I’m proposing this because I want to do something for you. I won’t say something like marry me if you want to live in the countryside, so don’t mind it.”

“Ah, yes.”

My thought process can’t catch up.

First, my tension from being able to live in the countryside raised to MAX, then I was told that he fell in love with me at first sight.

… What a thing.

I have not noticed Oswald whose corner of the lips raised while watching me because I was internally screaming Nooo!.

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