Chapter 30

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Who are you?
“… Is there something on my face?”

I was apparently staring too hard as Oswald inquired from me.

… Not good, I stared so openly he might misunderstand.
I don’t know what might cause my death, so I will have to be careful.

“… No, it’s nothing. Pardon my impoliteness.”

When I apologized with my full power social life smile, Eliza, Lance, Rishell, and Dante all looked towards me with「Ha!?」faces.

… No, even I can do something like a social life smile and using honorifics.
Even as a joke, I’m a Duke’s daughter, you know?

I can’t come off too rude after all.

“No, don’t mind it. If it’s by a beautiful woman like you, then I don’t mind if you continue staring.”


No, what is he saying, this fellow?

Is it that? Is he the womanizing type?

Although I was frankly confused by what he said, I realized that there are indeed people like him too.

Eliza seemed different, her face looked uncomfortable.

“… Oswald, why are you here!?”

“Eh? Well, of course, I came to see you… however, I think I’m already good after seeing such charming person.”


So heartless. Unexpectedly, Lance’s attitude towards him seems to be worse than he’s to me.

Rather, so Lance had other friends beside us…
I didn’t know.

I’m impressed a little.

“Young lady, what is your name?”

“You don’t need to tell him.”

Lance cut him down thoroughly, but there’s no need for that.

Giving your name to a person you meet for the first time is the basics.

“Olga Rifald.”

“I’m Oswald Ricks… you are that lady who had her engagement with Albert discarded?”

Ricks… a son of a Duke.
How did Lance get acquaintanced with him?

Still, what a straightforward person.

Rumors are certainly flying around the school, but would you normally ask that at this time?

“Oy, Oswald…!”

Lance has shouted at Oswald, but I stopped him.
I don’t want Lance to lose a friend.

“My, calm down, Lance… yes, that’s me, but is there something?”

If you want to make fun of me regarding that matter, I will return it twofold.

… I don’t know anything about Oswald though.

“… No, nothing in particular. You are as beautiful as the rumors say.”

On the contrary to my expectations, Oswald didn’t touch that matter any further.


He let out a line that sets one’s teeth on the edge, but he didn’t say anything unpleasant even with his straightforwardness and spoke normally.

… Still, this person is always smiling.

It’s not to Rishell’s degree, but he seems to be laughing constantly.

… Well, unlike Rishell’s malicious smile, his was an ordinary smile though.

Is he smiling constantly to easily coax women?

“… Thanks.”

I accepted his praise coldly while analyzing him in my mind.

I see, so this is the smile of a womanizer, huh.

Raising the corners of his mouth, he narrowed his eyes a little and whispered sweet words.

… So this is the way of a popular man huh, let’s teach it Celsior the next time.
There seems to be a girl he likes after all.

“… How long are you planning on staying here? You should return to your classroom soon.”

“Don’t send me off with such cold words, Lance. Isn’t it fine to stay here for a little longer?”

“No, the lessons will start soon though.”

So said Eliza in a very businesslike tone.

Eliza has apparently somehow judged Oswald to be untrustworthy in this short time, so her words were extremely rough.

Eliza is misanthropic towards people who sells themselves with flattery after all… In Oswald’s case, he might not be selling himself though.

“I see, thank you, beautiful lady.”


… Eliza’s eyes were swimming.
Somehow, her drying eyes that were looking Oswald were extremely scary though.

… Looking at Oswald leaving the classroom, I tried stopping Eliza from going berserk.

“… What is with that guy!?”

Eliza shouted so the moment Oswald’s figure disappeared from her vision.

Dante leaned back in a scare.

“… Ah~ sorry. I didn’t think he would come here…”

Lance apologized because he felt bad, but Eliza didn’t forgive him.

“What the hell was that!? That guy wasn’t only looking at me, but he was even sending flirtatious glances at Olga…! You, when have you got to know a man like that!?”

“N, no, at a party.”

Lance stuttered.

He has a proper pedigree, so I don’t think he’s not credible or anything, but… is he the type she’s simply bad with?

“Now, now, Eliza, Lance does not have many friends…”

“Shut up.”

Hmph, Lance looked away.

… Even though he’s happy that he made a friend in his heart, what a bashful fellow.

I watched Lance while grinning.

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