Chapter 29

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After that.
“… Sorry, I scared you.”

Rishell said apologetically while hugging me from behind.

“… I got irritated when they looked down at you. They wouldn’t shut up no matter what I said, so…”

… Ah, so it was a fit of plain anger after all.
It was super scary.

… Let’s make sure to not make him angry no matter what, or I will be done in (I won’t).

“… Sorry, were you scared?”

This time in a question form, Rishell asked me with a scare.

… It seems that he’s aware that he was scary.
That would make even an infant faint.

Although he wouldn’t get so frightfully angry at an infant.

“… I was scared, but relieved.”

“… Relieved?”

“… Yeah, I got to know that you are able to act so genuinely. You are always in the honorifics mode, so I have not seen you get angry before.”

No matter what, Rishell doesn’t show his emotions in front of me that much.

That’s why, I have never seen cry or get angry before.

Although I have seen him get angry in the honorifics mode.

That’s why I was worried a little. That Rishell wouldn’t reveal his true feelings before me.

I was worried that he would always continue to shut everything to himself.

If that was the case, that would be really suffocating.
I think I wouldn’t be able to do that.

However, he lives while confining things to himself because he’s a prince.
I also believe that the stupid first prince is partially responsible.

“… Were you worried?”

“Well, of course. We are friends.”

No, this is somewhat embarrassing.

To acknowledge the person in front of me as a friend, I am really in the springtime of my life!

… I can’t see his face because he’s behind though.

“… Friends, huh~”

“Eh? We are friends, right? Best friends.”

Well, the plan is to separate from now on though.
I’m going to begin (planning) my slow life after all.

… Rather, I felt this development would be really embarrassing once we calm down.

I have not noticed because I wanted my feelings to be conveyed to Rishell, but people would misunderstand if they saw us in this posture…!

Rather, isn’t this an event!?
I haven’t heard about this! I haven’t heard about this though!?

I don’t know the way to avoid this event though-!?

“Rishell, le, let go of me first, okay?”

Rishell is currently the Crown Prince.
He should be really troubled if people saw us like this.

With his Elder brother’s ex-fiancée… he wouldn’t like to hear something like that.
I would be troubled too.



I tapped on the hands that held me so I could quickly separate.

… Rishell slowly took off his hands from me.


“… What is it?”

I tilted my head, but he never replied back.


… The next day, at the school.

I and Eliza heard from Lance, Rishell, and Dante about the development that came after.

In truth, I would like to let Keith and Celsior hear it too, but the two’s school years are different, let alone their classes.
Let’s tell them later.

“… Err, Albert was deprived of his status, Sherina was deprived of her status and imprisoned, Serena was deprived of her status and forbidden from entering the Capital… is that right?”

It was Eliza who summarized the story.

… Eliza who heard my story was full of ups and downs ranging from bloodthirst to embracing me with tears in her eyes.

… This time, Dante sent me a gaze that said「do your best」without stopping her.
… I would rather if you helped me, I was seeing the flower garden.

Well, I have caused Eliza to worry this time and it’s also my fault for getting on board with Rishell’s plan.
I mean, I was frustrated.

“… Yes, that’s correct… I still think that it wasn’t enough though.”

Not showing his expression from yesterday, Rishell said with the same usual Demon King smile.

“… Indeed, Olga was hurt. They all should be imprisoned for life.”

“You guys are too dangerous.”

Lance, you too?
Even you reached the point where you had such dangerous thoughts…

If it’s like that, then the only captured target who is not thinking so dangerously is Keith.

… Is there no upfront person here!?

When I pinned my aching head, Rishell spoke while laughing.

“… Well, there’s still something left to do… and that’s to deal with Serena’s House.”

“Deal, you say…”

Eliza remarked with exhaustion.
I’m of the exact same opinion.

Your means are evil, oy.

The moment I thought so.

“O~y, Lance.”

I heard a voice calling Lance from outside the classroom.


Lance made an obviously surprised face as he looked out of the classroom.

The person who Lance was looking at was… that one? A gray-haired person.

That person who was apparently Lance’s friend entered the classroom rudely.

… Was there such a character before?

After confirming the scenario in my mind, I came to the conclusion that a person like that shouldn’t have appeared in the game.

… What is this, anything goes already.

Haah, I let out a sigh.

And then, that boy arrived at our side.

“Yo, Lance!”

“You… Oswald! Why are you here!?”

It appears that this boy’s name was Oswald.
I didn’t see it from a distance, but his eyes were of a black color.

His face was quite orderly too.
The eyes were big of almond shape and he had a mole under his half-opened eyes.

… I am absolutely sure that there wasn’t a character like this in the game.

I stared at Oswald fixedly.

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