Chapter 28

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Wha, what is it?
“… Would you stop it already!”

A sudden shrill voice shouted from nearby and the iron bars made a sound from being hit.

… So noi~sy.

“How dare you talk to us like that!? Even though you are just a woman with no worth whose engagement has been discarded in the end! I hope you are not thinking of becoming Rishell-sama’s wife, are you? It’s clear as day that you are targeting Rishell-sama for his status!”

“… Ha?”

Sorry, I didn’t quite get that.

A nostalgic voice of artificial intelligence from a certain smartphone played in my brain.
… Was ‘quite’ an understatement?

It’s not like we are together because I’m aiming for his status or anything though…

Rishell is malicious, extremely malicious, but he’s a good guy.

No matter how excellent a guy’s face and status is, I wouldn’t want to be with a guy I don’t find acceptable.
Unlike Sherina, I am with him because I genuinely like him.

… Even though I said like, I didn’t mean it in that way.

Wait a second, wasn’t it Rishell who said the fatal words…?

… Then, Rishell talked back before I could respond.

“… Haah, are your brain cells clogged up? Is there a sponge instead of a brain in your head? If Olga was a human with no worth, then wouldn’t that make you a worse than a water flea?”


Wa, water flea… crap, he hit the bullseye. It seemed that he just spat it out, so it would be dangerous in various meanings if I burst into laughter here.

No, sponges are already too generous for these guys.
They are probably filled only with nitrogen.

… It would make them seem to weight less, so it’s very enviable (absentminded).

“… Why are you people trying to irritate me even though you are the ones being questioned? Are you geniuses at making people angry?”

Ah, Rishell seems to be considerably mad.
His lips are smiling, but his eyes are sharp like a blade that would cut you were you touch it.

It feels as if chill was emitting from his body, Rishell is really scary when mad.

That’s right, we came here to question them… I feel that there will be no more exchange of reckless remarks.

Ah~ but we heard Albert’s and Sherina’s sides of the story, didn’t we?
Only Serena was left, but…

Isn’t her difficulty level the hardest…?

I mean, Rishell flipped out from her high praises… a wise man keeps away from danger, no?

I don’t think her story will be heard out positively…

Ignoring everything is Rishell’s style anyway.

In spite of being angered, Rishell’s Demon King smile suddenly reappeared as he questioned her.

“… Well then, Serena. Why did you push Olga off the staircase?”


Did he pretend the previous exchange didn’t happen out of irritation?

Serena’s chair made a thud! noise as she kicked it over when she stood up all of sudden.

… Oy, your opponent is a prince, you know? This fellow wouldn’t make complaints to Rishell, would she…?

Bloodshed will descend upon you, you know…?

“Will you already stop looking down on-”

“Silence, shut up.”

My eardrums shook at the low voice filled with terrifying malice.

The source of that voice was Rishell.

… Eh?

“… You guys would have survived were you behaving obediently… it seems you want to be punished severely. To still not shut up after being told so much… do you not learn?”

Hiee… Rishell snapped…

Eh, Rishell becomes like this when he goes berserk?
I didn’t know…

I have only seen the honorifics mode Rishell, non-honorifics mode Rishell, and the ordinary Rishell until now…

To think he would become like this…

Also you, you can’t be obedient for a while…?


Dante was also getting jitters behind.

While thinking something inconsequential like that it’s rare for this fellow to be nervous, I watched Rishell.

… Eh? Am I not going to stop him?

Stopping him would be bothersome, so… cough, cough, I mean, Serena and others who made him mad should take the responsibility themselves.

… Besides, I feel that my little life would be lost were I to stop him here.

“Wha… Rishell, you…”

“… Ahh, that my attitude is different from usual? I’m afraid to say that I was just wearing a mask to hide my true face. Did you think that I would look at you with a gentle face all the time?”

It wasn’t gentle. It wasn’t gentle at all, Rishell.

Your face was full of malice…

Weren’t you so cold that even Dante and I were getting frightened…

… Well, I wonder if Rishell considers that still being gentle?
If this really what it looks like when he’s angry, then that before was of no concern.

… I have known Rishell for many years, but this is my first time seeing him like that.

“… Enough, talking to you guys is a waste of time… I will decide your crimes immediately and make sure that you spit everything out.”

Rishell’s well-ordered face warped as he looked at the three.
The usual Demon King smile wasn’t floating on his face anymore.

“T, that can’t be…!”


“Please, have mercy…!”

The three who were doing as they please until now started begging for their lives.

… No, they will be not put to death, but they are begging as if they were.
I will be killed if I don’t beg! Is what is written in the eyes of the three.

“… Hmph, ridiculous. Take them away, Dante.”

“M, me!?”

“… Do you have a problem with that?”

Rishell glanced at Dante and glared at him.

Dante let out hii, opened the cells of the three with keys he received from the palace guard and took the three away.

The three resisted, but the one they were resisting was someone who had praises sung about him as this country’s most skilled swordsman.

He easily dragged the three away.

… Although Dante was trembling greatly, he wasn’t showing any mercy…

I saw Dante off while thinking such.

… There, I felt as hands were placed on my shoulders.

Just as I turned my head around,

“… Sorry.”

I heard Rishell say.

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