Chapter 1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I have remembered.
“Olga Rifald! … I am canceling my engagement with you!”

“… Hah?”

I was told such at a party that is regularly held in the castle.

A smug-faced prince, an unknown woman with a triumphant expression, and noisy people in the surroundings.

… And then, I remembered.

I was originally a high-school student living in Japan and got run over by a car.

This is the world of an Otome Game called “Princess Road”, and I have reincarnated as its main character.

… Moreover, in this game, one of the routes leads to my death.

I have remembered everything.

“Oy? Are you listening to me?”

No, shut up. You are not important right now.

This is the world of Otome Game and I have reincarnated as the protagonist.

By the way, the protagonist’s name is Olga Rifald.
A beautiful girl with silver hair and amber eyes.

… If I had to put it in words, then this is a considerable catastrophe.

Eh? I mean, I’m going to die, alright? If I’m careless.

Besides, the game has already started.
My fiancé in the “Princess Road”, Albert Viaveil… this country’s first prince has just started canceling our engagement.

… It’s the man who shouted at me just a little while ago.

By the way, the woman by Albert’s side whose eyes seem to be saying something irritating like “Hey? How do you feel right now? Like a loser?” is his adulterous partner, Sherina Marvis, a Duke’s daughter.

She has pink hair and a sweet-looking face, but her inner beauty is totally dark.

Well, in short, Albert wants to marry Sherina (whom he cheated with), so he broke off our engagement.

“… Oy? Are you really listening?”

“Ah~ yes, I’m listening.”

I thought I returned a proper reply, but… Sherina didn’t.

“What did you say!? What kind of attitude is that in front of Albert-sama!? Know your place!”

“… Haah.”

… To tell the truth, I am also a Duke’s daughter.
Moreover, from a considerably influential house.

… In other words, Sherina who is of the Ducal House like me has no right to speak to me like that…

“Yeah! Listen to what my fiancé said!”

Ha~ he just broke off an engagement with me and he’s already in the mood to get engaged again, how amazing.

Our engagement has been decided on when we were small, and I have been doing nothing but training hard (lol) in the homemaking arts without seeing people of the opposite sex since then, so how can you say something like that?

“I beg your pardon.”

Giving an apology without a speck of honesty, I began drifting into deep thoughts again.


… If I’m not mistaken, all encounters with the capture targets are at the aristocratic school.
They all go to the school I attend.

… Even if I don’t remember them, they are all hunks with more than high specs, so I should know immediately as they will stand out.

If I’m not mistaken, the story should start with the capture targets comforting Olga… me, who was feeling down from having my engagement broken, right?
Then, my affection with one of the characters that were to my liking would gradually increase until we tie the knot in marriage.

Certainly, I could live in peace no matter what capture target I would choose, but… if the reception of the capture targets is low and I don’t tie the knot with anyone, it will be the bad ending… I should get involved in a catastrophe and die.

… I would like to avoid that. Seriously, spare me from that.

“And, I shall get engaged with Sherina!”

“Oh myy, I’m so happy, Albert-sama!”

The two seem to be jumbling about something, but let’s leave them alone.
They wouldn’t listen to anything I say anyway.

“And you, Olga. You have been harassing my Sherina! … Oy, are you listening to me!?”

“Ah~ yes, I’m listening, I’m all ears.”

So irritating… geez, quickly go and get a room already.

I don’t have the slightest speck of affection for Albert anyway.
He acts as if he was the next King as he’s the first prince, but I don’t think that will ever happen…

“You have harassed Sherina, haven’t you!”

“Hah? I didn’t.”

Here they come, the false charges.
No matter how much you love Sherina, I wonder about unconditionally believing everything she says.

In the first place, I’m the one who was cheated on…

“Stop lying! Sherina is saying that you did, so you won’t get anywhere by lying! Something like that won’t pass before our love!”

No, did you not even consider that Sherina might be lying?
Well, I don’t think lies will pass through the love (lol) of these two after all~ They can’t be reasoned with.

“That’s right! You have ripped my dress and stole my lover!”

“No, you did that to your dress yourself, didn’t you? … Besides, about your lover… the other party just got disgusted with your bad personality and came to me.”

It’s getting even more troublesome… although she liked that dress, she ripped it into pieces.

… Besides, the lover… was it a son of some Marquis from somewhere? I have politely rejected him.
I was, more or less, engaged to Albert after all. Not like I wanted to be though.

“T, that’s a lie! Albert-sama, that woman is lying!”

“What a fellow! Not satisfied with just hating on Sherina, but to even create lies…!”

No, that would be my line.

Not only you had an affair, but to break off my engagement and rub false charges onto me…! Just kidding. I wouldn’t say that.

“Enough of this, Guards! Throw this fellow into the jail!”

The surroundings were noisy after hearing that, but I was calm.

… That’s because this line has arrived.

“… What is going on, Albert.”

The line was a signal for the great King to enter after all.

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