Chapter 2

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His Majesty the King, advent.
“Fa, Father! This is…”

Who appeared before us was Gaston Viaveil-sama… Albert’s Otousama, the King.

Although he should be quite old, his mind and body haven’t started declining yet.

“… I will ask once again, Albert. What is going on?”

His Majesty asked while slowly moving towards us.

… Somehow, I can see the aura. The invited nobles retreat to make space as if he was Moses.

… He looks picturesque.

“T, that… Olga has harassed Sherina, a, and I broke off our engagement as her punishment…”

Eh, was it like that?
I have a feeling that except simply breaking off the engagement with me, he also got engaged with Sherina and criticized me from harassment that I didn’t do…

“T, that’s riiight!”

No, don’t agree there, Sherina.
You brought up the harassment first.

“… Hou, is that so? … Olga.”

“Ah, no, that’s wrong.”

I promptly denied.

I felt two gazes that said “Oyyy!? You better not expose it!?” from my side, but I ignored it.
Ignorance skill is important.

“… Albert, Olga disagreed with you?”

“T, that woman is a liar!”

Whoa, I was degraded to that woman~
Even as a joke, I was your fiancée, alright~

“… Well then, Sherina. Do you have any means to prove it?”

“T, that’s…”

No, she doesn’t.
She rubbed false charges on me, so should have at least thought about that.

“… Well then, let’s hear Olga’s side… Olga, what did these two do to you after coming here?”

“… My engagement was one-sidedly canceled, I got blamed with false charges, and I was a target of absurd remarks.”

The above are all facts.

The two are flapping their mouths with pale faces, but that’s no concern of me.

Rather, it feels great.

“… Fumu, I see… if that’s the truth, then I will have to punish Sherina for lese majeste.”

In this country, offenses against people of a higher or same rank are punished.

… I found the system too harsh, but it’s unexpectedly useful.

“T, that can’t be…!”

“F, Father! That woman is a human that should be punished! Sherina didn’t do anything!”


Is he still saying that?
Even though I didn’t do anything.

In the first place, I was thinking this for a long time now, but… in spite of having me, Albert has always served other women.

… Those who are engaged, be it nobility or royalty, are forbidden from infidelity.

That goes even more for the first prince. I have witnessed him taking women to his room while I was visiting the castle to take care of my business.

… After that, I heard heavy panting coming from his room, but I decided not to be bothered about it, yeah.

While at it, Sherina envied the social status and the future prospects of my fiancé.

… That was still all right, but the development of the harassment after that was terrible.

My dresses were ripped, I was slandered throughout the school, I also got pushed off the staircase. I didn’t fall though.

… In other words, the one who should be judged is her.

Far from understanding that, these two are even trying to press her crimes onto me.

… In Albert’s case, I have no idea whether he’s being deceived or pushing the crimes onto me on purpose though.

“… Will you shut it! Do you think I know nothing about you!? Do you understand how much Olga was hurt when you brought noblewomen to your room!”

When I reported to His Majesty about Albert’s affairs, His Majesty couldn’t forgive him and wanted to heavily punish him.

But, I declined. I mean, I had no interest in what he did.

Although I hated it, I would be damaging my name as people would talk about how his affairs happened because I have no charm.

“Wha… you knew!?”

Rather, I would like you to ask why you thought that I didn’t know?
I mean, you brought a woman to your room right in front of me and then magnificently panted aloud.

However, misunderstanding something, Albert was overcome with emotions.

“Olga… did you yearn for me so much you felt hurt when witnessing me cheating on you…?”

Ah, stop it, it’s disgusting.
I didn’t think that even for a second.

Woah… seemingly wanting to say that, me and the eyes of the surroundings are plastered on Albert.

“If you really wish for it, then I won’t cancel our engagement out of respect for your feelings”

“””… Haah?”””

The piled up voices were of me, Sherina and His Majesty.

… No, no way. This shouldn’t be commonly possible.

Just where does the excessive self-consciousness of this person come from? What a mystery.

For his mind to even consider that I still like him after dissing me to that extent, I find that incredible.
It’s nothing envious though.

… I find Sherina pitiable just a little now.

I sighed and declared.

“… No, I’m not hurt and I’m fine with the engagement being broken off… I mean, I hate you, after all. Please stop spitting out irresponsible remarks such as that I’m in love with you.”

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