Chapter 3

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Arrival of a capture target.
“W, wha…”

Albert’s face flushed as he flapped his mouth.

… Ah~ he looks like a tomato. I want to squash him.

“… That’s the case, Albert… you better give up.”

His Majesty looked at Albert scornfully.

“Y, you were my fiancé, right!? Why are you saying that you hate me!”

“Yes, I hate you. Detest you. If it suits you, then I hate you the most in the whole world.”

I bluntly spoke my thoughts about Albert.

I don’t care about lese majeste anymore.
His Majesty is my ally here, so I think he will probably forgive this much.

“In the first place, you brought a woman into your room right in front of me, yet you weren’t aware of it!? Are you ill in your head? The reason I didn’t say anything is because I don’t have the slightest interest in the things you do. I have reported to His Majesty, but… I didn’t want the worth of the ladies you had an affair with to decrease.”

With a whole-faced smile, I spoke of my feelings so far as if flowing from me.

Albert is already absentminded, he looks like an empty shell.

Was the shock too much? He might not have thought that his former fiancée would diss him to this extent.

… But, I might have done something bad.

I got a sort of feeling from His Majesty that I might go on, so I bad mouthed him to my heart’s content, but there was no such development in the”Princess Road”.

However, His Majesty should have exposed Albert’s and Sherina’s crimes and cast them away… the capture targets then should have comforted my broken heart.

… What do I do? The current me doesn’t look like I need comforting, right?
I said everything myself.

Crap, am I going to die? This wouldn’t be the cause of my death, would it!?

While suffering in agony in my mind, a laughter suddenly resounded throughout the hall.

“Ahahaha! … Elder brother, you are a mess… it appears that there’s not a speck of affection for you in Olga’s heart”

Who!? I tiptoed with all my might to search for the owner of the laughter.

… Ah, it came from over there. How do I know? Because the path opened for the person like he was Moses just like a while ago.

And, the angelically beautiful youth who appeared before me had the same brown hair as Albert, with long slits red eyes, a well-balanced body figure.

“Fufu… I can’t stop laughing. You were saying how you will become the King one day so much, and yet far from being able to grasp the hearts of the people, you couldn’t even grasp a single heart of your fiancée.”

It’s hard to imagine that such verbal abuse is coming from that beautiful smile.

… His name is Rishell Viaveil.
The second prince of this country and Albert’s little brother… and, my capture target.
By the way, he goes to the same school and same class as me.

He’s beautiful in face, but his whole-faced smile penetrates the heart of his opponent.

Yes, well in other words, he’s a malicious fellow.

“Ri, Rishell…! Are you sure you can spout such reckless remarks to me!? Who do you think I am!”


“Eh? You are a sore loser that got his heart broken by his fiancée’s sound argument, are you not?”

… Woah, so harsh. But, it’s amazing how true that is.

Rather, I believe he was supposed to comfort me in a garden after His Majesty threw these two people in the jail… didn’t he appear too early?

Is the story changing, by any chance…?

“Y, you…!”

“Is that all you are able to say?”

Wow… so wicked… truly similar to the game…

Even in the game, his abusive language was dreadfully vigorous.

However, he was different towards the heroine.
In the garden, he gently embraced the heroine and encouraged her.

As for why he was so kind to me from the very beginning of the game, it’s because I would talk to him during my training in the homemaking arts (lol) in the castle, he comforted me when I was at a loss at the actual place of Albert’s cheating. We were already pretty close to begin with, that was the setting.

At the start of the game, our relationship was already so-so.

“Ri, Rishell-sama, Your Majesty!”

“Huh, you still were here?”

The one Rishell spoke to was Sherina.

She did not make a sound since a while ago and I couldn’t feel a speck of her presence, so I’m of the same exact opinion as Rishell.

… She was still here. I completely forgot.

“I, I was threatened by Albert-sama! He told me to say that I was harassed by Olga-san…! He forced himself onto my body!”

Woah, what an excuse.
Is she going to insist on being the victim in the end?

But, I know, you see?
Even in the school, I saw you clinging to Albert’s arms, pushing your body onto him. You are the one who seduced him.

“Wha… I haven’t done anything like that!?”

“No, he is the one who is lying!”

I feel like I have wasted my feelings for thinking that Sherina was slightly pitiable a little while ago.

This child surely didn’t reflect on her actions even once in her life.
Being about to get thrown into the jail, she’s surely thinking that she wasn’t at fault.

… There, Fufu, Rishell smiled.

… You are super pretty, alright? However, I feel something dark.

“… Fufu, how regrettable… I have already gotten evidence on what you did, you know?”

… Saying such, his smile deepened.

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