Chapter 97

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Horse Riding
After Volsung had returned, the correspondence after having explained the situation was quite quick.
A person who brought Onnes to the hospital and stand guard. A person who investigates the house he used as a residence. People advancing through the tunnel split into three groups and chase after the bandits.
Dirkhert, Meluerina, and Volsung are naturally in the same group. They are pursuing the bandits, but they are taking a different action from the other adventurers.

“Say, Vol. Where are we going? Are we not going to save Lia?”

Currently, Dirkhert and others are on top of a horse.
They are not going through the tunnel, but they are headed to the bandits from above the ground.

“We are going to save her now.”
“You know the place?”
“I have properly investigated when helping Onnes, don’t worry.”

Wind magic is Volsung’s pride. While treating Onnes, he activated different magic and felt around the tunnel and the place of exit.
There are five exits in total, but there was only one exit in the direction the bandits have headed to. In other words, they are going towards that exit. The flow of the wind, the fragrance of the trees in the vicinity of the exit where the wind comes in and the swaying sound of the plants.
Relying on such things, he derived the approximate distance to the exit. He pinpointed a rough location of the exit.

“Really, Brother-in-law-sama is so nonsensical.”

Meluerina sitting behind Volsung mutters.
To that excessive manner of speaking, he unconsciously grimaced.

“Say capable instead.”

This power was acquired only after Volsung’s great efforts. This is something to be praised, and there’s no reason to complain about it.


Because Meluerina said it only as a joke, there’s no need to get angry, but if this were a different human, he would tear him from limb to limb at that moment.

“Mr. Horse, aren’t you amazing for running while carrying three~”

In front of Volsung, Dirkhert is tightly grasping on the horse’s mane, and Volsung is supporting Dirkhert with both hands, so he doesn’t fall off.
Volsung handles the horse with Meluerina in back and Dirkhert in front.
Meluerina can ride horses too, but the timing was bad, and all horses except one were already lent out, so the three are riding a single horse.
Although the speed slowed down, the remaining horse was a large agricultural horse, so it would don’t hinder it’s movements by much when carrying three people.

“I can see it. It’s probably that cave over there.”

After approximately 15 minutes of running through the forest, a hole in a rocky area was visible. Since there are no signs of people in the vicinity, it most likely means that they have yet to arrive.
Because they have a little child Lilia with them, it’s only natural.
The three get off the horse and hide it in a safe place.
After that, Volsung checks for presences in the tunnel and feels several human signs slightly far away. Furthermore, the presence he feels behind them are most likely the adventurers chasing after them.

“Lia, I hope she’s not injured……”

To the little master who quietly muttered such words while tightly grasping her skirt, Meluerina could only say “It will be all right”.

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