Chapter 96

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Medical Treatment
Volsung, who discovered Onnes bloody and collapsed on the ground as soon as he got descended to the basement, rushed to his side.

“Oi! You alright!?”

After confirming that there are no dangers, he lowered Dirkhert from his arms. He confirms the wounds.
The wound on his side is severe, and many marks of assault remain on his body.

“A…… El, f, sama……”

The wound is terrible, but he seems to be conscious. That is slightly relieving.

“I will heal you know, wait.”
“Rather than me, Lia…… Lia, please save her……!”

As Lilia is not seen anywhere, Volsung already realized that she was taken. But, he can’t leave Onnes who’s suffering from such large wounds. He decides that the treatment takes priority.

“It’s fine, shut up.”

Being told off by Volsung, Onnes couldn’t say anything anymore. He could only accept the treatment silently.
Applying hands against the wound, he activates the recovery magic. The wound on his side quickly closes, and his body is left clean without bruises. But, he can’t return the lost blood.
Dirkhert could only tightly grasp on Volsung’s clothes and silently watch the treatment. Tears are surfacing from his big eyes.
Finishing the treatment, he lays the pale-faced Onnes on the bed. He whispers some chant and confirms what just happened.
It appears, that just as Volsung predicted, the bandits have grasped his weakness. Lilia’s mother…… Onnes’ wife has been kidnapped by the bandits. He has been threatened that they will sell her off as a slave if he doesn’t cooperate.
He somehow managed to go along in order to protect his wife, but it seems he has reached the limit.
At that time, he met an elf Volsung, one of the so-called『God’s messengers』. He might be able to do something. While thinking so, he sneakily told him the information about the bandits.
But, because of the confirmation of the Adventurer’s Guild, they found out that Onnes leaked information outside and nearly killed him.
At the precise moment when they were to kill him, Volsung arrived at this house, and they left in a panic, leaving Onnes with a fatal wound, but they weren’t able to kill him. They must have been certain that he was going to die.

“Where does this tunnel lead to?”
“Outside the town……”
“I see.”

Volsung stands up and lifts Dirkhert up to his arms again. Thereupon, Dirkhert tightly clings to Volsung and buries his face into his shoulder.

“Dirk-sama, are you all right?”
“…… Yeah.”
“Let’s go outside first and call over others.”
“…… We are not going to save Lia?”
“First, we have to explain the situation to Melu and Isaru, then we will save her with everyone. We must also see Onnes to a proper hospital.”
“…… Yeah.”

Onnes is stained with blood, it must be very frightening. Dirkhert’s is feeling down.

“Say, Vol. Lia…… she’s okay, right?”
“Yes, she’s surely fine. Therefore, let’s quickly gather everyone and save her..”

Volsung gently strokes Dirkhert’s head. Dirkhert nods his little head in reply.

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