Chapter 121

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Soap Bubbles
“Melu, give me a bit of laundry soap please.”
“Soap? What are you going to use it for?”
“You see~ I want to put it in here.”

While Meluerina was in the middle of doing laundry, Dirkhert approached her saying such and showed her an unfamiliar wooden cylinder.
She thought it might be a wooden cup at first, but it’s too thin for a cup, it wouldn’t be able to hold much water.

“This is……?”
“Vol made me this.”

Although doubtful, Meluerina shaves soap into the cylinder.

“This you see, Vol told me to ask you to put soap in it.”
“…… Is that so.”

Meluerina who still doesn’t understand what that thing is for can’t help but tilt her head. Dirkhert probably doesn’t understand either. “I wonder what this is for~?” He’s also tilting his head.
Anyhow, Dirkhert who accomplished his objective carefully held it in both of his hands and ran back to Volsung.
Meluerina who was curious about what all that about slowly walked towards the two.

“Vol, I got some~ this, what are we going to do with it~?”
“We are going to make a toy.”
“Playing with soap?”

When Volsung received the cylinder containing soap from Dirkhert, he put a little water in and melted the soap.
Then, he took out a straw, inserted it into the soapy solution and blew.
Doing that, countless bubbly spheres came out of the pointed end of the straw.

“Wow……! It’s shining rainbow-colored glittering balls~! How beautiful!”

Those spheres soon popped and disappeared, but Volsung immediately created new ones.

“Dirk too! Dirk wants to do that too!”

Seeing the little Maou-sama bouncing up and down around him, Volsung handed him over the wooden container and the straw.

“Like this, you insert the straw into the soapy water and blow~ into it. The soapy water will enter into your mouth if you tilt from the top too much, so please be careful, okay?”

Dirkhert puts the straw into the soapy water just as he was told to and blows into it with all his might.
Then, countless small bubbles appear at the end of the straw and buoyantly float to the sky.
Chocola and others who were looking at the sky start chasing after the bubbles.

“This is incredible~!”
“They are called soap bubbles. I remembered playing a lot with them when I was about Dirk-sama’s age.”
“Soap bubbles, huh……! To be so fun while so easy to make, they are amazing, aren’t they!”

Blowing the soap bubbles again and again, they traveled with Chocola and others bouncing and trotting after them.
It was a calm afternoon in the middle of the travel.
After that, it goes without saying that Dirkhert and others often played with soap bubbles from in the carriage.

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