Chapter 117

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Gatagoto, gatagoto.
One carriage advances along the highway leading to the capital. A black haired woman in maid clothes is controlling the horses from the driver seat.
She continues driving slowly under the cloudy weather.
The usually noisy inside of the carriage is currently very quiet.

“…… It would be better to find trees we could use for shelter before it starts raining.”

When Meluerina glances inside the carriage, she sees Volsung sleeping on the bunk and Dirkhert sleeping on top of his belly.
Volsung who has been standing guard the whole night is sleeping all the while since morning. Dirkhert stuck to Volsung at first, but because Volsung inevitably fell asleep, he also ended up sleeping.
She confirms that the two are sleeping comfortably and faces forward once again. She handles the carriage carefully and slowly in order not to wake up the sleeping boys.
She’s thankful at times like this that they are in no hurry.
After traveling for a while, a smallish forest could be seen.

“That place might be just right.”

Thinking such, she changes the course towards the forest. Potsuri, potsuri, it started raining bit by bit.
But, the carriage safely enters the forest before the real rain has begun. They will take shelter from the rain for a while.
When Meluerina moves from the driver’s seat inside, she activates illumination magic. A faint light illuminates the dark the carriage and warms up the slightly cold interior.
The two are sleeping as usual and show no signs of waking up.
But, it will be soon time for lunch. The two will wake up from hunger.
A warm meal for the two when they wake up. Meluerina starts preparing the meal.
As a result of being creative, a small kitchen was installed in the carriage. This is installed around the back entrance where it’s easy to ventilate. Because the flames are magic, there’s no need to worry about it spreading. Being able to make warm dishes on rainy days like this is truly blessed.
And then, while the faint sounds of simmering are resounding, Volsung opens his eyes.
He lifts up the sleeping little Maou-sama from his belly and raises up. “N~……” Dirkhert raised his voice when the blanket fell off when Volsung sat down, so Volsung pats his back to make him relieved.

“Good morning, Brother-in-law-sama.”
“Yeah, good morning. It smells good, is it already time for food?”
“Yes. It’s raining outside, so I have to unfortunately cook here.”
“That doesn’t really matter, right?”
“It will be done soon. Please, wake up Dirk-sama soon.”
“Yeah, alright.”


Then, Meluerina sets up a table and places the food on top of it.
Bread, salad, grilled fish, and soup with sausage. Dirkhert’s plate has meat instead of fish.

“Unyu~…… lunch?”
“Yes, let’s eat while it’s warm, okay?”
“Un, let’s eat~……”

Not fully awake yet, his eyes are half-closed.
Volsung lowers him at the table. Dirkhert sits just like that. Because there are no chairs, he’s sitting directly on the fur carpet.
Meluerina and Volsung both sit as well.


The three join their hands together and say.
They slowly begin eating.

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