Chapter 116

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A beverage with white bubbles in a wooden cup. The thing Volsung occasionally drinks during meals.
Dirkhert usually drinks lemon water or juice made with fruits during meals, he has never drunk what Volsung is drinking.

“Say, say, Vol, what is it that you are always drinking?”
“You mean this? This is a beverage made from barley called beer.”
“Beer…… is it delicious?”
“It’s bitter and unpalatable.”
“Eh…… eh?”

He must have thought he drinks it every day because he likes it and it’s delicious. Dirkhert was surprised by Volsung’s unexpected words.

“Why are you drinking it if it’s not delicious? Is Vol an M?”
“I’m not, rather, where did you learn such word?”
“I heard it from the uncles in the guild.”

He thought it’s not a good place for education because many vulgar people gather there, but it really wasn’t.
While thinking that they have to be careful when bringing Dirkhert to such places like the guild, Volsung’s resentment for the adventurers who had such conversation in front of Dirkhert escalated. He can’t feel at peace because he doesn’t know the opponents’ faces nor whereabouts, but it’s better than doing nothing.

“What kind of words has our innocent and adorable Dirk-sama memorized…… I will kill them, I will kill them, I will murder them.”
“Vol, calm down, do~do~”

Slightly unusual composition of an elf being soothed by a little child. It’s a scene that that would make people turn around, but they are currently on the way to the capital. He would face Meluerina’s cold gaze at most. But then, Meluerina is currently absent because she went to the river to prepare the meal.

“Umm, were you asking why I am drinking beer?”


Since the conversation somehow returned to normal, Volsung thought about his answer.
It’s certainly bitter, and it can’t be said to taste delicious by any standard. It can’t be said, but……

“This bitterness has turned into a habit. Also, when drinking this during a meal, the meal mysteriously tastes more delicious.”
“Hee~…… can Dirk also have a sip?”

The little Maou-sama with his big eyes sparkling and shining was truly adorable. He wanted to fulfill his wish by all means, but beer is alcohol. It’s too early for five years old Dirkhert to drink it.

“I understand that you are curious, but you can drink alcohol only after you become an adult. If children drink alcohol, it could have a bad influence on the growth of the brain and body.”
“Then, when I can drink it?”
“N~…… when you turn twenty, I would say.”

The adulthood of this world is considered to be fifteen years old, but the growth of Maou like Dirkhert is somewhat slower than that of humans, demi-humans, and other demons. Usually, they grow at the same speed until about twenty years irrespective of race, but there was already a slight, visible delay in the growth of the five years old Dirkhert.

“How nice, I wish Dirk could become adult fast.”
“I want Dirk-sama to stay adorable forever, though.”

Saying such, Volsung tightly embraced the still little child Maou-sama.

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