Chapter 115

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Birds (Meat)
“Wa~ So many Bird-sans are flying~!”

Blue sky spreading everywhere. Dirkhert raises his voice while watching the sky from the driver’s seat.
Meluerina casually supports his back, so he doesn’t fall over.

“Ah, there’s Deer-san over there!”

Every time animals pass by, he points at them and shouts, he seems to be having fun. No, He’s having fun.
When a sparrow is resting on a brach “Mr. Sparrow!”, when a crow just flies by “It’s Mr. Crow!”.
Volsung thinks how Dirkhert remembers so many birds.
He points at one of the birds and shouts.

“It’s bird meat!”

Meluerina and Volsung look where Dirkhert is pointing.
Thereupon, they find a bird leisurely walking in the grass.

“…… Dirk-sama, that bird is called guineafowl.”
“Eh, but, Vol got it for me the other time. Therefore, it’s a bird meat.”

After thinking for a little bit, Meluerina retrieved a book from the Infinite Storage.

“How is this Mr. Bird called?”
“Mr. Hawk.”
“Then, this one?”
“Mr. Pelican.”
“Then, this child?”
“Bird meat!”


She pointed at a chicken, and he said bird meat. By any chance, are all birds he has eaten until now treated as bird meat?

“This child?”
“Ms. Mynah.”
“Then, this child?”
“Bird meat!”

Even duck is treated as chicken meat.

“Dirk-sama, the child from a little while ago was a chicken, this child is a duck.”
“Birds that can be eaten are all bird meatmon.”

It appears that he treats all birds that are eaten as chicken meat. It seems he can’t even remember the name of the bird before it was processed into “chicken meat.”

“They are all living before being processed into meat, you know? Let’s properly learn their names?”
“…… If I learn their names, Dirk won’t be able to eat chicken meat anymoremon. Don’t want that.”
“Why wouldn’t you be able to eat them?”
“Because they wouldn’t be chicken meat, but Bird-sans. Eating Bird-sans would be mean.”

He loves bird meat, but killing birds to eat them, it seems that thought is difficult for Dirkhert to accept. But still, because he wants to eat bird meat, he treats birds used for food as bird meat. It may be a way of distinction for the gentle Maou-sama.
Meluerina understands that learning the names would be bad. This little Maou-sama is still just five years old. He just has to get used to it little by little.
Closing the book in her hands, Meluerina gently strokes the head of the gentle, kind Maou-sama.

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