Chapter 114

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Gaburi. Dirkhert boldly sinks his teeth into the meat. Mokiyu, mokiyu, he eats while making such noises. There’s meat juice all over his mouth, but he doesn’t mind it.

“Meat, is delish, isn’t it~!”

To eat meat cooked on the fireplace on the evenings of travel was Dirkhert’s selfishness. The dinner is the grilled skewers they bought at the town of Lease.
The flavoring is simple salt and pepper, Meluerina’s special dipping sauce and three kinds of herbs Volsung has selected. This kind of meat is Dirkhert’s favorite.

“Dirk-sama, you have to eat vegetables as well.”

He receives the vegetables Meluerina placed on his plate and eats. When he found his hated carrots, “Ahh~” he presented them to Volsung as usual.
He eats the meat, eats the veggies, eats the meat again…… after repeating the process several times, Dirkhert’s hands stop.

“I’m already full.”
“Did it suit your tastes?”
“Yes, thank you for the meal~”
“Then, let’s wipe your mouth, okay?”

While Meluerina is wiping Dirkhert’s mouth, Volsung prepared lemon water.

“Here, Dirk-sama. Drink some water.”

Receiving the water nkunku Dirkhert drinks it. His oily mouth feels refreshed thanks to the lemon water.

“You have been eating a lot of meat recently, haven’t you?”

Until before, he was saying that he’s full after eating two pieces of 5cm meat. But, nowadays, he’s able to make short work of three pieces of meat and enthusiastically eat the veggies on the plate too.
It might be because he’s in his growth period, but or is it because he’s now able to eat the difficult to chew meat faster than before, it’s difficult to say.


“You see, my gabinyo~n became longer, so the meat has become easier to eat.”
“A tooth……?”

Hearing Dirkhert say that, Meluerina says “Please show me” in panic and takes a look at the tooth.
Then, she saw that the tooth that was a normal cuspid just a week ago has grown sharp as a fang.

“Fang…… Dirk-sama, isn’t inside of your mouth hurting where the tooth is hitting?”
“N? It’s okay?”
“Then, it’s good……”

That means it grew this much and it doesn’t hurt. Originally, fangs were supposed to grow. It’s not like they grew all of sudden.

“Did Brother-in-law-sama notice?”
“Ah, I thought that his tooth grew every time after cleaning.”
“If you noticed, why didn’t you inform me?”
“No, I figured you have noticed it as well……”
“Even if that were the case, I would like you to report at the time you notice. It’s necessary for both of us to properly grasp Dirk-sama’s condition!”
“I understand, I understand, it was my fault. I will be more careful next time.”

Volsung apologizes to Meluerina who unusually roughened up her voice.
Certainly, this was Volsung’s mistake. It would be terrible if this fang injured the inside of Dirkhert’s mouth. This is something that both of them have to pay close attention to.

“Dirk-sama too, if there’s a place somewhere on your body which feels odd, immediately report to Brother-in-law-sama or me, all right?”
“Yeah, got it~”

With these words, Dirkhert who already said his thanks for the meal, extended his hand towards the meat again.

“…… Dirk-sama?”
“After all, I want to eat a little bit more.”

It might be because of the fang, or rather, did his appetite increased because he’s growing?
The two exchange glances, and spill out smiles seeing the little Maou-sama growing.

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