Chapter 113

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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A few hours after leaving the town of Lease.
Dirkhert was enjoying himself in the driver’s seat in the beginning, but he soon got bored of it. He got into the carriage and started playing with the building blocks he got from Ridge.
But, shaking and swaying carriage, it’s quite difficult to play with building blocks. When the building blocks are piled up or lined up, they immediately get thrown into disarray by the shaking.


Dirkhert left the building blocks in the middle of playing and started rolling around while holding Chocola. Thereupon, Tart and Pudding took stances and ended up in Dirkhert’s embrace. And then, just like that, the three started wrestling with Dirkhert.
They have just rolled around at first, but they steadily became more and more absorbed, and before long, it developed into the usual fight as if they were playing outside.
That was bad.
Pudding flung Tart away. That much would be fine, but unluckily, Tart flew out of the carriage.

“Ah! Tart!”

Dirkhert extended his arm in panic, but his hand didn’t reach. Tart fell outside. And the carriage heartlessly continued to advance.

“Vol! Stop the carriage! Tart has fallen outside!”

Dirkhert asked to stop the carriage in panic and confirmed whether Tart in the rear is safe.
Hearing that Tart has fallen outside, Meluerina and Volsung stop the carriage in panic and immediately get down from the driver’s seats and look behind.
They certain that Tart would be collapsed on the ground, but what they saw was Tart running after the carriage at full speed.
Speed unthinkable for a stuffed toy. Tart was like a fine athlete that ran while minimalizing the wind resistance as much as possible.
A splendid run which gave off such sound of footsteps. Even though they know they shouldn’t laugh, it unconsciously made the laughter escape.
A cat stuffed toy that ran at full speed so it wouldn’t get left behind. It was truly surreal.

“Tart! I’m glad, it seems you are not hurt anywhere, you are safe!”

Tart who immediately caught up jumped into Dirkhert’s embrace.
Besides being dirty, Tart didn’t have any injuries, so Dirkhert felt relieved.

“Dirk-sama, I’m glad that Tart is well.”

Meluerina was somehow able to say while laughing. Volsung, on the other hand, was holding his stomach, and his shoulders were trembling as he tried to hold back laughter.

“Ru, run……! To chase at full power……! M, my stomach hurts……!”


For a short while, he calmed down after laughing in agony. Although he seemed to be suffocating a little, he patted Tart’s head.

“I’m glad you are safe.”

A fellow who has been laughing at full power just a short while ago has no right to say something like that. Being looked by Meluerina with such eyes, Volsung averted his eyes towards the sky.

“Listen well, Dirk-sama. You mustn’t act so violently in the carriage, okay? It’s fine because Tart was safe this time, but one mistake and Tart might have been torn to pieces.”

Being warned by Meluerina, Dirkhert replies while tightly holding Tart.

“…… Yes, I’m sorry. I will be careful next time.”

The two exchange glances and wryly smile at the sight of the downhearted little Maou-sama.

“Since there’s an opportunity, how about we take a break for a while around here?”
“I made sweets yesterday when I borrowed the inn’s kitchen. Would you like to eat that?”
“Ara, Brother-in-law-sama’s handmade are extraordinary. I have to prepare a good tea on the side.”

Thus, the two start preparing tea. Dirkhert was tempted by the word sweets and immediately became lively.

“Dirk too! Dirk will help too!”

A few hours after leaving the town of Lease.
There was a small tea party under the blue sky on the meadow next to the highway.

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