Chapter 112

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Before leaving the town, they wanted to go around the guild and shops who had taken care of them, but Dirkhert has completely forgotten about it, so they left for the guild first after leaving the inn.
The carriage was parked near the guild’s entrance, Volsung stayed behind while Meluerina and Dirkhert went to say goodbye.

“Paula, good morning~!”

Arriving at the reception, Dirkhert gives a vigorous greeting and Meluerina gives a nod. That’s the usual scene. The only difference is that Volsung is not with them.

“Good morning, Melu-san, Dirk-kun. Vol-san is not together with you today?”

Paula who thought they came to receive requests as usual asked. The other adventurers watching at the little adventurer must be thinking the same. They tilt their heads not seeing Volsung who’s always with him by his side.

“You see, we came to say bye-bye today.”
“We are going to leave towards the capital. I’m sorry for the delayed greetings.”
“Eh, you are leaving from Lease?”

Paula has been under impression that they are going to stay in the Lease forever, but thinking about it carefully, they have arrived after traveling here from the Hulc Village. The town of Lease was naturally only a temporary stay.
Still, the reason she thought like that is because they have completely fitted to this town. It’s natural for them to be here. They have become such existences all too soon.

“Brother-in-law-sama and I have judged that it’s time to leave for the capital for Dirk-sama’s study.”
“Is that…… so? It will become lonely here.”

The existence that is the little adventurer brought color to this guild. Because everyone understood that, they have accepted Dirkhert to this town. When such existence disappears, it will become truly lonely.
Before noticing, this little Maou-sama has become a special existence to the guild.

“You see, I’d like to say bye-bye with Lia too. Can I meet Lia?”


Onnes and Lilia are currently under the guild’s protection. They are expected to be sent to a dangerous area several days later.

“I’m sorry, it has been decided that people can’t meet with those two.”
“…… I see.”

While a slightly dejected expression floated on Dirkhert’s face, he handed Paula a corolla from Tart’s head.

“Umm, I’d like you to hand this to Lia. And tell her that we will definitely meet again!”

He hands over the corolla with the thoughts of meeting again, just like the time they separated in the Hulc Village.
Paula said “I understand” and properly received the corolla.
And then, after handing the corolla, their business in the guild was finished. It’s time to part.

“Dirk will return to this town again. Ridge Ojisan said that I could come to this town to complete the guild requestsmon! Therefore, see you!”

Paula presented her hand with faint tears floating in her eyes after hearing Dirkhert’s words.

“Yes, see you again, Dirk-kun. Do your best in the capital, okay!”

Paula smiles while feeling the warmth of the little hand. She saw the two off while doing her best not to shed tears.
After that, Dirkhert and others stopped by the skewer stall and bought six skewers. They turned up at the florist and purchased several types of flowers. They visited the bookstore and bought three picture books.
He went around the town and made a promise with everyone to see them again.
And then, they departed towards the capital from the usual north gate.

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