Chapter 111

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Three days after purchasing the horse-drawn carriage, the preparations for the travel were finished.
The preparations are over. That basically means that it’s time to say farewell to the town of Lease.

“We have been in your care. You have been of great help in various ways.”

Meluerina expresses her gratitude to Aron.

“No, no, I should be saying that! It was very fun spending days with everyone…… thinking about how that’s going to disappears makes me feel lonely.”

When they came to return the key to the reception and say farewell, Aron returned such words.
Because Aron has been getting along with Dirkhert, both Meluerina and Volsung feel some loneliness.

“…… Dirk, don’t forget me, Aron, while you stay in the capital, okay! I will definitely let you stay in this inn when you come to Lease again, take care of me then, okay!”

Dirkhert is really attached to Aron. Even though she will be lonely without being able to see him, she told him brightly with no change in her smiling expression. But, Dirkhert shows worry.
Almost as if enduring breaking into tears as hard as possible, he tightly hugs Chocola, Tart, and Pudding and behaves himself. But, the tears gathering in his eyes are nearly overflowing.

“Dirk-sama…… it’s fine to cry, you know?”

Volsung told him such, but Dirkhert shakes his head from side to side and wipes the tears from his eyes.


“I’m fine, I won’t cry! I mean, we will be able to meet if I think about itmon! Therefore, I won’t show tears during goodbyes, I will do see you later and separate happily!”

Hulc Village and the town of Lease. Even though he went only to a village and a town, the little Maou-sama studied a lot, met various people, and grew up.
It wasn’t all just happy times, there were difficult and sad times as well.
Still, he overcame those and chose to continue with happy interactions with people like this.

“Kitties stay healthy as well, okay! Don’t forget about Dirk!”

He hands Chocola and others to Volsung and says goodbye to the inn’s cats while holding the white cat Salt who’s especially attached to Dirkhert. “Nya~……” as if understanding that they won’t be able to see each other for a while, the cats meowed goodbye.

“Dirk-sama, it’s time to go.”

Meluerina pushes on the back of the little master’s who is saying goodbye forever and urges him.
Thereupon, Dirkhert slowly lowers Salt from his embrace and steps outside.
He got on the driver’s seat of the carriage while looking back at Aron and Salt in her embrace who are sending them off.

“See you! I will definitely come again!”

He shouts such from the slowly moving carriage. He continued waving his hand until the inn Cat’s Tail was out of sight.

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