Chapter 118

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Today’s weather is sunny. The ideal travel weather.

“Mr. Sun is dazzling~”

It’s early in the morning. When the sun brightly illuminates the surroundings is the start of Dirkhert’s day.
Making breakfast is Volsung’s job.
Bread, sunny-side-up fried eggs, crisply baked bacon, and salad. In addition, a pumpkin potage. That’s today’s breakfast.
Ju~ The simmering sound and fragrance of the bacon and eggs spread the surroundings. Dirkhert who enjoys that sound and fragrance loiters around Meluerina.

“Has Chocola and others become clean~?”
“Yes, they are clean now. But, let’s hang them to dry them thoroughly for the day.”
“Alright~! Chocola, Tart, and Pudding, that’s good, isn’t it~!”

Chocola, Tart, and Pudding who were thoroughly cleaned by Meluerina are now hanging up from a rope along the carriage with another laundry. They are not currently moving because moving would be dangerous, but they should have clearly heard Dirkhert’s voice.
The sunlight doesn’t hit the sides of the carriage full of laundry, but because it hits the front and rear, the ventilation is truly good. Today’s weather is also good, they will completely dry by the afternoon at this rate.
It’s possible to hang laundry like this only because they purchased their own carriage. As expected, buying an expensive carriage was worthwhile. Meluerina thinks strongly again.


“Ehehe~ the carriage is filled with lots of soap and wind fragrance! It feels niiice!”

Dirkhert who threw away his shoes and started rolling around the fur carpet seemed to be really enjoying himself.
He pulls a nearby cushion while watching Chocola and others drying on the rope.
The sound of the breeze and the pleasant wind, the heart calming scent of soap, the laundry swaying in the wind, and the faintly audible conversation of Meluerina and Volsung.
That is unconditional safety, peace, and comfortableness.
Dirkhert’s sleepy eyes slowly close.

“Dirk-sama, the breakfast is finished…… huh, oh my……”

Peeking inside the carriage after picking up the shoes that were thrown away, she saw the figure of his little master sleeping comfortably while hugging a cushion.
After a smile unconsciously floated on her face, Meluerina covered Dirkhert who ultimately fell asleep with a blanket. She carried the breakfast back to Volsung.
After that, Dirkhert’s share of breakfast became a sandwich. It has tightly fitted into the little Maou-sama’s stomach after he woke up.

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