Chapter 95

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Wishing for a Clue
Dirkhert and Volsung are currently heading to Lilia and Onnes.
The result of the Adventurer’s Guild’s investigation on the information Volsung obtained from Onnes was that the information is unknown even to Merchant’s Guild. That basically means that Onnes is connected to the bandits for some reason.
Is he assisting them from his own will, I wonder…… he thought at first, but he’s with Lilia who’s just a little child. He’s probably not assisting on his own. I fear that they grasped some kind of weakness that forces him to assist them.
The conversation from that time might have been Onnes’ way of seeking help.
While thinking such, Volsung quickly goes to the place where Onnes is staying with Dirkhert in his arms.
However, if he indeed was asking for help at that time, it’s very likely that Lilia and Onnes are already exposed to danger.
Other adventurers are lurking in various directions centering the house where Onnes stays.
Volsung intends to capture the people in the house considered to be bandits’ allies, but the adventurers are there just in case they escape.
Before long, Volsung and Dirkhert arrive at the house where Onnes and Lilia are staying and knock on the door. But, there are no signs of someone coming out. The house appears to be silent……
Were we late? The moment he thought so, sounds resound from inside the house.

“Onnes! Are you in!?”

Don, don he strongly knocks on the door, but no further sound comes out.

“…… You have some nerve pretending to be out, don’t you? You vulgar human, don’t keep me waiting!”

There are few people who know because he’s carefree when with Dirkhert, but Volsung is actually quite short-tempered with high pride. And he doesn’t have much impression of humans…… rather, he’s a misanthropist.
Even though they have talked to some degree before, Onnes is just a mere parent of Maou-sama’s friend. He’s just such existence, and it doesn’t change the fact that he’s a human. Moreover, he doesn’t really care what the connection between him and the owner of this house is in the inner parts of his heart.
An existence like that, how dare he ignores a higher-ranked person like himself? There’s no way Volsung wouldn’t be angry.
Losing to anger, he kicks the door and selfishly enters inside. Then, he searches for presences with magical power.
No matter how one hides, he will get eventually found by Volsung. Don’t underestimate the hunters of the forest.
He enters the bedroom-like room and looks around.

“No one is here, huh~……”
“No, someone is certainly…… yeah, over there.”

When Volsung lifts the candlestick located on the table close to the door, it makes a click and the wall gogogo…… moves. And like that, he finds a hidden passage, stairs leading to the dark underground.
There, he will capture the residents of this house and obtain information. Or so he thought.
What he discovered there was a blood covered Onnes. And then, a long, long passage leading to who knows where.

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