Chapter 94

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Chocola, a stuffed toy with a plenty of ability and his owner with Infinite Storage. Those points were more than enough to demonstrate their power to the adventurers.
Originally, there was no one objecting to Volsung’s involvement. The affected one was Dirkhert, and thanks to the mock battle, that’s no longer the case.
In the first place, as there was no opposition of the guild branch chief Isaru during the explanation, he already authorized his participation. It can be said that Dirkhert’s participation was already decided no matter the result.
And although the mock battle has finished, there’s still time until the afternoon gathering with Volsung’s new information.
Dirkhert and the rest decided to go to the guild’s bar for now and eat lunch until the time of gathering.

“Nevertheless, Chocola has become quite strong.”

The speed and strength of the stuffed toy still can’t be compared with that of a veteran adventurer, but it still has a considerable amount of ability. In reality, if joined by the long-distance attacker Tart and the middle range attacker Pudding, the three wouldn’t lose to anyone, but outstanding warriors.

“It’s boon of my training.”

Volsung proudly exclaims. Usually, Meluerina would tsukkomi Volsung with “Don’t get carried away”, but she approved of it this time. Although Volsung is the main instructor for bow and spear, he should be poor at the sword.
Despite that, Chocola can fight on equal terms against a veteran fighter, so she doesn’t have any objections.

“Brother-in-law-sama is unexpectedly skilled, aren’t you?”
“What’s that, all of sudden.”
“You are not very good at sword and magic, yet Chocola was able to easily defeat B-Rank adventurer, right? It appears you are good not just with bows, spears, and daggers.”

Meluerina is good with sword and magic, her handling of daggers is also good, but she’s not that good with other weapons. Especially bow, one could say that’s bow is her weakest point.

“That’s because I couldn’t have even a minimum preference in the forest. I hated it and didn’t want to do it at that time, but I’m quite grateful now.”
“Vol is the elven king’s descendant, right? Why did you come to Dirk’s place?”

When Dirkhert asked such question, Volsung made a slightly troubled expression and ponpon gently stroked Dirkhert’s little head.
Why did Volsung who is an elf become a Demon? Meluerina doesn’t know the reason, that’s why she’s quite interested.
But, Volsung answered “Youthful indiscretion” with a wry smile and that conversation came to an end.

“Vol is still young?”
“Haha, that’s right. I’m still a youngster, aren’t I?”

Although he’s already over 300 years old, that’s still considered young for elves and demons, so Volsung unintentionally started laughing at Dirkhert’s words.
Even though it should be the same smile as ever, Meluerina detected somewhat painful feeling.
Just what has happened to him in the past, Meluerina was interested in her brother-in-law’s past for the first time.

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