Chapter 93

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Mock Battle
Approximately 60cm stuffed bear toy Chocola and Colt, an adult man of the height of over 180cm.
First of all, Chocola is clearly at a reach disadvantage. Furthermore, there are swords in Colt’s both hands while Chocola is unarmed. Just how does Chocola plan to fight?
Both glare at each other for a while. Chocola has moved first.
Potetetete with faster than expected movements, Chocola immediately cuts down the distance. But, although faster than expected, it’s fast enough to perceive.
Chocola’s weapons are fists. Before its fists reach, it would get struck by the prepared swords.
However, on the contrary to expectations, Chocola greatly jumps on the way and raises its hands overhead. While preparing for a kick, Chocola’s hands suddenly start shining, and it grasps a longsword in its hands.
Originally, it’s only a shortsword, but that short sword is as long as Chocola’s body, so it’s suitable to call it a splendid longsword.

“Shit……! It wasn’t barehanded!”

Gakin! A sound of metal striking against each other resounded around the practice grounds.
Colt has warded off Chocola’s attack in a fluster, but his balance broke the moment the attack landed.
Without missing that opportunity, Chocola stepped forward the moment it landed on the ground, closed the distance even further and dived into the opponent’s bosom.
For the small Chocola, the opponents bosom is just the right place.
Colt who taught that Chocola would attack with its sword just like that, got surprised when Chocola plunged into his bosom. And then, he noticed that the longsword in Chocola’s hands had disappeared all too soon.
What was unleashed was a small hand. Posuposuposu. A sound that seems like it wouldn’t inflict any damage resounds around the surroundings. But, Colt who received considerable damage fell on his knee while holding his chest.
Pote. Chocola who landed on the ground threatens the opponent with a shadow boxing.

“The hell, that stuffed toy……! Why does a stuffed toy posses an Infinite Storage!”

Infinite Storage, it’s like a door to the so-called four-dimensional space. It can store many weapons, armor, and tools. Furthermore, because the time stops inside the space, food and drink won’t rot which allows eating food fresh at all times.
But, although the Infinite Storage is convenient, it can’t be obtained so easily. In order to acquire one, a great magician with a considerable amount of magical power is necessary.
Incidentally, the Infinite Storage Chocola is using is Dirkhert’s. Because Chocola is Dirkhert’s possession, it’s able to utilize his Infinite Storage to a certain degree.
Having an Infinite Storage means having equal power to the Royal Court Magician. That would mean that Dirkhert has enough power to stand on par with the country’s top-level magicians. Colt is not his match.
Meluerina saying that he needed strength to beat her in order to beat Dirkhert was not a joke.
“There’s no way I could win against someone who can use Infinite Storage……”

Colt has no longer any will to fight. He sits down while holding his aching place.

“It’s loss, a loss! I have lost to that non-standard brat!”


Receiving Colt’s words, Ridge ends the match.

“Winner, Dirk!”

The practice grounds get wrapped in cheers. They really didn’t think that a B-Rank adventurer would lose to a stuffed bear toy. Although saying that, the primary factor is Dirkhert’s Infinite Storage.

“Chocola amazing! Congratulations!”

When Dirkhert trots over to Chocola, he tightly hugs the hard working warrior.

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