Chapter 92

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Mock Battle Starts
A spacious, spacious practice grounds.
In the center of it, Dirkhert was facing one adventurer.

“You see, Dirk is called Dirk. What is Oniisan’s name?”
“…… Colt.”
“Colt, Colt…… un, Dirk remembers! Let’s do our best!”

Being the target of Dirkhert’s pure eyes, the adventurer――Colt “Tsk” smacked his lips.
He must have thought that he would make the little five years old child cry with a little bit of harshness. But, on the contrary to his expectations, Dirkhert doesn’t mind a bit. Far from that, he seems to be looking forward to the mock battle.

“It has been a while since we fought against someone else than Melu and Vol right, Chocola?”

When he stoops down and speaks to Chocola who was standing next to him, Chocola starts pyokonpyokon moving its both hands.
And then, Chocola keeps on conveying something else to Dirkhert. It points at itself, then it faces Colt, extends its hands and starts doing jabs.


Just what is Chocola trying to say? Dirkhert tilts his head.
Then, Chocola points at Dirkhert and sits. Then points at itself once again, extends both hands towards Colt and does jabs.

“Chocola wants to fight so you want Dirk to sit and watch?”

That musth has been right. Chocola nods up and down and strikes its chest as if saying leave it to me.
As far as it goes, Dirkhert also wanted to fight, but if Chocola wants to fight, he thought that wouldn’t mind sitting this one out. As Chocola said, Dirkhert sat on the ground.

“Chocola will fight instead of Dirk, do your best, okay?”


Even though he felt like a joke that he had to fight a five years old child and yet, now his opponent is supposed to be a stuffed toy of that five years old child, there’s no way Colt wouldn’t get angry.
Sure enough, his face gradually turned red from anger.

“Stop shitting around……. you stupid brat……!”

A bloodthirst that wasn’t there was now aimed towards the child, but still, Dirkhert sits on the ground without minding it. Not only that, “Chocola do your best~” he cheers Chocola on without a bit of will to fight.
Chocola is full of motivation in Chocola’s way. Jab, jab, upper, it moves its body. Those are quite sharp movements. As expected, training with Dirkhert every day was worthwhile.

“Both of you seem to be ready.”

Ridge steps up between the two after seeing Colt who’s ready to charge at Dirkhert at any moment.

“I will act as a referee.”

Both of the opponents have no objection as they both nod their heads.
Colt grasps swords in both of his hands, Chocola is barehanded.
A stuffed toy and an adult man is a weird combination, but the air flowing between them is that of a fierce fight.
Colt is a B-Rank adventurer. A veteran warrior is understandable, but a stuffed bear toy is no soldier by any means. But, there are no openings in its stance. A formidable stuffed toy.

“Well then…… begin!”

With Ridge’s words, the fight of veteran adventurer vs. stuffed bear toy has begun.

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