Chapter 91

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True Ability
It’s not like everyone is kind and likes children, though.
He has just been lucky that nobody has confronted him yet. People who don’t like some things and complain about them are anywhere.
And this time, such a person was mixed among the gathered adventurers.

“Tsk, the brat is too noisy..”

Such words resounded in the room, and the warm mood has instantly cooled down.
There’s no way Meluerina wouldn’t get angry when such words were targeted at Dirkhert.
She turns towards the voice with a completely different expression she had when she cautioned Dirkhert. Just that was enough to make the adventurer’s body stiffen and tremble with fear as his face lost color.
In the room wrapped in such difficult atmosphere, only the main culprit, Dirkhert was ignorant about the situation.

“N~……? I was only playing during the break, I don’t get it~”

When Dirkhert looks at Chocola while saying “Right~”, Chocola nods in affirmation.
According to his words, Dirkhert didn’t do anything wrong. It’s a matter of course for children to “play” during a break.

“T, this is not a nursery. In the first place, that brat is E-Rank, isn’t he? Why is he here?”

The man somehow opens his mouth while flinching.
Leaving the former words, an E-Rank child should not certainly be at such place like this. But, Meluerina instantly retorts.

“He’s naturally here because he’s more useful than trash like you.”

He must have thought that she wouldn’t say something like that. The man’s dyes deep red in anger.
Adventurers are people who are confident in their strength. There’s no way he wouldn’t get angry after being told that a five years old child is stronger than him.

“Are you saying that I’m weaker than that brat……!”
“That’s right. Dirk-sama’s strength is even above mine. You are not his match.”

Everyone becomes speechless at Meluerina’s words. She’s so famous because of her strength that other adventurers call her “Red Wind Melu.” And such her is telling that the little child is stronger than her. It’s inevitable that everyone thinks what kind of joke is that.
But, that’s the truth. Looking only at one’s ability, Dirkhert far exceeds Meluerina. Because he currently lacks the experience, Meluerina wins most of the times during mock battles, but it’s only a question of time.

“…… Lad, you are stronger than Melu?”

Ridge who heard that reflexively asks Dirkhert. Ridge also doesn’t believe that this little child is stronger than the Red Wind Melu.

“N~, I can win against Vol, but it’s still slightly difficult against Melu. Dirk has no experience at all, so Dirk is at a disadvantage.”
“…… That so?”

It seems that he’s still weak in real combat. But, he has enough ability to win against that elf youngster.
Normally, I would laugh, and the joke would end there, but it doesn’t seem like she’s joking.
Ridge can’t help but think so.

“In other words, in order to surpass that brat, I have to have more ability than the Red Wind Melu?”
“That’s right, if you want to win.”
“Then, if I propose a mock battle?”
“Sure. At any rate, there are people here and there who doubt Dirk-sama’s strength. We will also have plenty of time because of the information Brother-in-law-sama has.”

Is the information Volsung got from Onnes truth or not. They will take action to confirm it now. Because of that, one can imagine that the investigation will take some time.
Since we are waiting, why not let them show Dirkhert’s true ability, that’s what Meluerina thought.

“It’s a mock battle~ Let’s do our best, Chocola!”

Dirkhert who heard the conversation addresses Chocola. He seems to be brimming with eagerness.
And, immediately after the mock battle has been decided, the guild staff members “We would like you to gather in a half-day again because of additional investigation” informed the adventurers.
Most people then moved to the practice grounds.

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