Chapter 90

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“I think that everyone has already guessed, but this time’s assembly is in order to subjugate the bandits running wild near the town of Lease.”

The adventurers nod to Isaru’s words in understanding.

“However, we don’t have enough information regarding the bandits. We have done our best to collect information, but we can no longer afford to wait for more information. I know that it’s dangerous with no information about our opponents, but I ask you to cooperate.”

Not being able to obtain information even with the guild’s power means that the opponents are that skilled.

“You are saying that you don’t know, then, what do you actually know?”

One of the adventurer’s questions.
Although they weren’t able to obtain information, there must be a thing or two they know of.
Right, that’s what you would think, but……

“We have no idea of what scale the bandit group is. Because they change the number of people that raid depending on the opponent, even by looking at the footprints of horses, there were several occasions where there were just a few people and also several occasions when there were tens. There was no survivor among the attacked people, so we have no eye-witness. They cleanly snatch away the cargo, so we don’t even know how they transport it. To be frank, we were brought to our knees.”

Volsung tilts his head after hearing what Isaru had said.
According to Onnes, the bandit group was 20 man strong. Moreover, the peddler that was attacked the other day was dealing mainly in salt and spices. If such information appeared on the market, the guild would also naturally know about it.

“…… Hey, Melu..”
“What is it? Brother-in-law-sama.”
“In fact……”

Volsung whispers Meluerina about the conversation he had with Onnes.
Onnes who has possessed information that even the adventurer’s guild couldn’t obtain.
Did the merchant guild not sell that information to the adventurer’s guild, or perhaps……

“―――― That’s all. The detailed strategy and the reward will be discussed after ten minutes break.”


Isaru says such and leaves the room.

“Is the talk already over?”
“We will take a little break, and then we will have to talk again.”
“I see~ That’s long, isn’t it~”

Dirkhert already tired, climbs up on Ridge’s lap and starts playing there.
Meluerina carefully exchanges looks with Volsung while their little master is preoccupied.
Go talk to Isaru. Volsung who understood the look has nodded and gone out of the room.

“Look, Dirk-sama. You are bothering Ridge-san, aren’t you? Please get off his lap.”
“…… Ye~s.”

Dirkhert was sulky after being cautioned, but he properly did what he was told to, got down from Ridge’s lap and sat on the vacant chair next to him.

“I’m sorry for the trouble, Ridge-san.”
“Don’t mind it.”

It can’t be said from his frightening face, but Ridge originally likes children and has a gentle personality. But, most of the children are frightened by his face. A child like Dirkhert who became emotionally attached to him is truly rare.
A gentle smile floats on Ridge’s face and he stroke head of Dirkhert who was sitting next to him.
Then, Chocola leaps on that hand and climbs up Ridge’s arm. When it reaches his shoulder, Chocola quietly sits as if it was a special seat.

“Ah~! Chocola that’s unfair! Dirk too! Dirk will also sit on shoulder~!”

Dirkhert says that and starts bouncing up and down around Ridge.
Even though he was cautioned just a short while ago, he has already completely forgotten about it. But thanks to that, the somewhat heavy mood drifting around the room became more bright and gentle.

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