Chapter 89

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Hard-Faced Adventurer
It seems that the number of B-Rank adventurers is less than Volsung thought.
There were approximately 20 people in the room they have entered.
Moreover, most of them were B-Rank, there were only three A-Rank adventurers including Meluerina.
Among those adventurers was an especially strong-looking person. Because of that feeling, not a single person was near him. The nearest person was about two meters from him.。
If there were a little child like Dirkhert, he/she would definitely cry and shout of fear after seeing this man’s face. His face may be one of the reasons no one wants to approach that man. But, that person doesn’t mind the behavior of the people around him.
That’s because they immediately focused their gazes on Meluerina who came together with Volsung and Dirkhert.
The adventurers will obviously turn their eyes towards them. It’s because Dirkhert and Volsung are famous in the town of Lease and almost everyone knows that they are E-Rank adventurers. And, only adventurers of B-Rank and above should have been summoned to this assembly.

“Why are E-Rank adventures here……?”

Those words that resounded out of nowhere, were the words that everyone in the place thought.
But, Meluerina and Volsung without minding those words sit close to the wall as if it was natural.
Just one of them, Dirkhert in Volsung’s arms was looking restlessly with great interest around.
Before long, his eyes match the gaze of one adventurer that was sitting all by himself.
Other adventurers who saw that, thought that Dirkhert would burst into tears at any moment, but Dirkhert didn’t start crying…… he was stealthily observing the situation. Far from bursting into tears, he gets down from Volsung’s arms and approaches the hard-faced adventurer on his own.

“Ridge Ojisan was summoned as well?”
“I’m pretty much A-Rank adventurer, after all. But, isn’t lad E-Rank? Why are you here?”
“You see~ Melu said it would be fine since I have the ability. We are going to work together~!”
“…… I see.”

Far from being afraid, a weird combination of a little child and a hard-faced adventurer were intimately chatting. Everyone listens to the conversation between the two people and ponder about what kind of relationship the two have.


“Ojisan, how was Toy yesterday at night? Was the baby born?”
“They are close to being born, but they weren’t born last night. Today, tomorrow…… either way, it will be soon without a doubt.”
“I see~ I’m looking forward to the baby~! Will they be born quickly, I wonder?”

Toy is one of the cats at the Cat’s Tail. It’s a female cat which is currently pregnant. And, the hard-faced adventurer…… Ridge, is one of the adventurers who stays at the Cat’s Tail.
He’s hard-faced, stern-looking, but he’s a cat-lover, so he’s not a bad person. That’s Dirkhert’s thinking. For that reason, regardless of how angry his face is looking, Ridge is one of Dirkhert’s “Cat loving friends”.

“They will be surely born once this request is over.”
“I see. I’m looking forward to that~! I want to see tiny babies soon~!”

There is no other adventurer who is currently staying at Cat’s Tail. Because of that, the other people have no idea who『Toy』is nor what relation it has with Ridge. From the flow of the conversation, the Toy person is pregnant, and she will soon give birth to a baby.
Perhaps Ridge’s wife……! Everyone misunderstands.
Their conversation gets interrupted because two guild staff members and the guild branch chief, Isaru entered the room.
Ridge pushes on Dirkhert’s back, walks with him to Meluerina and Volsung and lightly greets them.
They listened to the explanation from Isaru.

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