Chapter 88

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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About the time when busy morning has passed, and adventurers went outside to complete requests.
Dirkhert came over to the guild leisurely as usually.

“It will be our first E-Rank request, won’t it? Dirk is excited~!”

Dirkhert runs towards the bulletin board after saying that.
Dirkhert found the adventurers scary at first, but he has already gotten used to it and stopped crying after seeing them.
And then, while he was looking at the bulletin board, one of the guild staff members came over to Meluerina and whispered something to her.

“…… I see, I understand.”

It’s unknown what they have talked about, but after Meluerina had affirmed, the guild staff member bowed and retreated.

“What’s up?”
“An urgent assembly for adventurers B-Rank and above. That’s just right, let’s go together brother-in-law-sama and Dirk-sama.”
“Dirk-sama and I are still E-Rank, you know?”
“There’s no problem when there’s ability.”

Volsung wanted to tsukkomi with “There’s a problem” to her smooth words, but he somehow swallowed his words.
It’s the famous Meluerina. Even the guild branch chief will bend under words such as “No problem” or “I will take responsibility”. Meluerina’s face is that effective in the guild.
Today’s request is postponed, Volsung says to Dirkhert who is tilting his head in doubt, then he lifts him up to his arms.


“Dirk-sama, today, we might be able to work together with Melu.”

Because of their rank difference, they weren’t able to take requests separately, but they might be able to participate together this time.
Meluerina might join with Dirkhert and Volsung.

“We have always done requests separately, Dirk is very happy to work together with Melu~!”
“I’m also very happy that I can do guild work together with Dirk-sama.”

She must have really looked forward to doing a request together. Meluerina’s expression seems to melt with a smile at any moment.
If she has this smile, she will be probably able to persuade guild chief immediately.
“Work together” those words were stuck in Meluerina’s head.
At this point, even Volsung was convinced that they would participate in the urgent assembly together.

“Hey, hey, what kind of work it is~?”
“We are now going to listen about that.”

Then, let’s go. Meluerina beings to lightly walk. Volsung slowly follows after her with Dirkhert in his embrace.

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