Chapter 87

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Dirkhert was watching a certain scene with sparkling eyes.
That scene is a certain adventurer surrounded by many cats. He’s eating dried fish and drinking alcohol and sometimes splitting the fish with the cats.
Usually, Dirkhert would hide behind Meluerina or Volsung while crying, but it appears it doesn’t apply to that particular man.
No matter how much the cats of the Cat’s Tail are used to people, approaching someone so closely is rare. Even Dirkhert gets surrounded mostly by two to three cats at once. However, more than ten cats are loitering around this adventurer. They may be aiming at the fish on the table, but there’s still too many even if that’s the case.

“Ojisan is incredible! There are so many Neko-sans around you!”
“I have always been staying at this inn, after all. These fellows are already like my family.”

A smile floats on the man’s face while he strokes the chin of a cat laying on his lap.
Hearing such words, Dirkhert’s eyes start sparkling one layer stronger.

“Family!? You are a family with Kitties!?”
“Yeah. Especially this fellow on my lap, I helped to look after her since she was born. Toy is her name.”

The cat with beautiful tawny fur…… Toy, finds the man’s hand greatly comfortable. Toy narrows her eyes while purring. Dikrhert thought to pat it as well, but when he looked at Toy on the man’s lap……

“…… Huh? Toy, isn’t she a little different from other kitties?”

She’s plumper than other cats, her stomach is showing. But, it’s not like she’s fat, her belly feels unnatural.


“There is a baby in this fellow’s belly, you see. They will be born soon.”

Dirkhert who have never seen a pregnant cat before stares at Toy with great interest. He wants to touch that belly. He extends his little hand, then pulls it back, extends it again…… and repeats.
He wants to touch, but he’s worried whether it’s alright to touch.

“It’s alright, try slowly and gently touching her.”

Being told so, Dirkhert finally touches Toy’s plump belly.

“Is a baby really in there……”
“That’s right. After slowly, slowly growing in mother’s belly, they will be finally born into this world soon.”
“I’m looking forward to it~ Baby, be born in good health, okay?”

While gently stroking the belly with his little hand.
Dirkhert thinks about the kittens that will soon come to life.

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