Chapter 86

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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High-Priced Flower
In the evening, Dirkhert said goodbye to Lilia and Onnes, joined with Meluerina and came over to the guild.
It’s because Dirkhert said that he wants to eat dinner at the bar.
Recently, the guild’s roasted bird has become Dirkhert’s favorite. It appears that Dirkhert is fond of the seasoning.

“I will eat bird meat today as well~”

He says impatiently while holding fork and knife in his hands and restlessly sways his body. The napkin is properly attached, and he’s perfectly ready to eat.
Seeing Dirkhert like that, really gentle smiles float on Meluerina’s and Volsung’s faces.
And, witnessing them…… mainly Volsung, the guild’s staff and the female adventurers watch with red cheeks.

“Elf-sama…… he’s wonderful today as well.”
“I wonder how I could approach Vol-sama……!”

Right. The guild’s female staff and the female adventurers have been completely captivated by Volsung.
Good-looking face, silky blond hair, kind and gentle personality which children love, and a warm smile on his face. Besides being an adventurer, his bow and magic skills seem also to be top-notch. They even heard that he’s a descendant of the elven royal family. There’s no way women could leave him alone.
They want to speak to him. However, all women who greeted him were treated coldly and rejected outright.
Volsung’s gentleness is directed only to Dirkhert and those related to him. Towards the other humans, he will only take cold attitude and find speaking to them bothersome.
For that reason, women can only watch from a distance.
However, there was one exception among those women.

“Dirk-kun, Vol-san, and Melu-san! Are you having the dinner here today?”


The one who approached them while saying such is the receptionist who always takes care of Dirkhert.
Because she’s not currently wearing her uniform, but civilian clothes, it indicated that she’s off work.

“Paula already finished at work? Want to have dinner together with Dirk~?”
“Wow, I may join you? If it’s not inconvenient, then I would definitely like to!”

Three people are sitting at the table for four. Meluerina is sitting next to Dirkhert and Volsung sitting across him, it’s the usual sitting order.
The receptionist…… if Paula is to sit, she would naturally be sitting next to Volsung.
After Paula says “Please, excuse me” and sits next to Volsung, she immediately starts ordering the meal.

“Sorry for always listening to Dirk-sama’s selfishness.”
“No, I’m very happy that such a cute child like Dirk-kun is attached to me. I was even able to get closer to such wonderful people like Melu-san and Vol-san!”

Paula herself knows that Meluerina and Volsung are popular among the guild’s staff and the adventurers and that they are difficult to approach. In fact, quite a lot of people have been heavily shaken after approaching either of them.
To get closer to the two, one must first be accepted by Dirkhert. But then, the chance of being accepted by the intensively shy Dirkhert is almost none.
Considering that, the existence which is Paula is a really precious existence.
It’s inevitable that such Paula was called out to by many women who aim at Volsung. They ask her how did they get close and ask her if they can introduce them. Paula tries to help as much as possible, but there still wasn’t anyone who was able to become close to them.
They had a dinner together while having a casual conversation. She’s happy that she was shown favor, but.
I wonder if the women who are aiming for Vol-san will pick a quarrel with me after this.
Paula stealthily leaks a small sigh.

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