Chapter 85

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Bandit Damage
While Dirkhert and Lia were playing at the edge of the street, Volsung was absentmindedly adjusting his bow.
Although it’s nice for Dirkhert that he can play, Volsung doesn’t have anything to do so he’s bored.

“I will return Tart-chan’s flower crown, okay~”

When we meet again, I want you to put it on Tart’s head yourself. They were able to safely fulfill the promise they made at the Hulc village.
There was some fuss about bandits, I’m glad that Onnes and Lilia made it safely from the Hulc village all the way here. Volsung thought again.
Because he could see Dirkhert’s happily playing because of that.

“Freaking bored……”

The moment such words unconsciously left his mouth because of boredom, the door of Lilia’s house opened with a clank.

“Lia, who are you talking with?”

The one who said such words was Onnes who was absent until now.

“Oh my, isn’t it Dirk-kun? Have you come over to play?”
“Ojisan hello~ Anone, I came together with Vol.”
“With Elf-sama!?”

The moment he heard Volsung’s name, Onnes restlessly started looking around. He must be searching for Volsung.
Then, he immediately discovers Volsung who is leaning against a wall.


“Elf-sama! P, please forgive me for not being able to welcome you……!”

To Onnes’s repeated head bowing, Volsung said “Don’t worry about it” with a bitter smile.
To Volsung, he only came as Dirkhert’s attendant, there’s nothing he should be welcomed for.
It’s just that he was really bored, so Onnes came at a difficult time.
Most likely understanding that Volsung can’t take his eyes off Dirkhert, Onnes brought two chairs out of nowhere and presented one to Volsung.

“Are you taking a day off from peddling today?”

After receiving the chair and asking, Onnes poorly responds “Yes, well…… a lot of things have happened, you see” while scratching his head.
Volsung while looking at Onnes like that, Which reminds me, I recall that all those who were attacked by the bandits were peddlers like Onnes. It’s possible that his acquaintances were attacked.

“How much do you know about the bandits, Onnes?”
“I don’t know too much. Just that they are a bandit group of about twenty……”
“…… I see”
To hardly know about the bandits that are the talk about peddlers is quite odd. Volsung tilts his head to Onnes’s words. Normally, wouldn’t you try to gather as much information as possible in order to make safe travel? All the more when you are traveling with a little child like Onnes is.

“The people who were lately attacked are those who dealt mainly with seasonings such as salt and spices. I think that the prices of seasonings will suddenly jump in price for a while.”
“Seasonings, huh. It will interfere with daily life, won’t it?”
“Yes, it will interfere and make troubles for the everyday life of the town citizens. I have heard that because of that, the Merchant’s Guild plans to make an official request to the Adventurer’s Guild today or tomorrow.”

Onnes’ words made Volsung feel like ‘at last.’ I wonder why they didn’t make a move earlier? Merchant’s Guild has its own rules, and they are quite involved with Adventurer’s Guild, but still, too much time has passed since the bandits started making damage.
Such a late response is also one of the reasons why Volsung dislikes humans.
And there was one more concern from the conversation with Onnes, but Volsung doesn’t want to touch that.
While watching over Dirkhert, Volsung continued the casual conversation with Onnes.

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