Chapter 84

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“Say, Melu. I want to go to Lia’s place to play.”

Right after lunch, Dirkhert said to Meluerina while pulling on her skirt.
Hearing that, she was reminded that they finally reunited yet all Dirkhert did were guild requests.
Today is the day they have decided to take a break from the guild requests. It might be a good idea to take him to play. She gives Dirkhert permission to play with Lilia. However, on the condition that Volsung goes with him.

“Properly listen to what Brother-in-law-sama has to say, don’t cause trouble for Lia-chan’s Otousan and people who are taking care of them, okay?”

He gives a proper reply to Meluerina’s warning. Putting on a cat cape and holding the matching Tart, putting Chocola and Pudding into a bag, he joined hands with Volsung.

“Brother-in-law-sama, I’m leaving him to you.”
“Yeah, we are going.”
“I’m off~!”

After waving to Meluerina and leaving the inn, the two went straight towards the house where Onnes and Lilia are staying.
It was only once, but because they were here before for the guild’s request, they didn’t lose their way.

“Will Lia be home~?”
“I wonder. Let’s hope she is.”


Such uneasiness leaves from Dirkhert’s mouth because of his sudden visit. Even if Onnes left to stock on good somewhere, he might not have brought Lilia who’s a child with him.
Lilia probably be there. Volsung guessed.
Approximately after 30 minutes of walking while having a casual conversation. Seeing the house which Onnes and Lilia stay at, “Ah!” Dirkhert raises his voice.

“Vol! Lia is playing outside!”
“Really. It’s good she’s here, right?”
“Yeah! Lia~!”

Although still a bit far away, Dirkhert waves his hand and shouts. Lia who noticed him waves back.
Volsung has looked around, but he didn’t see anyone besides Lilia. It seems she was playing alone with the stuffed bunny in a dress in her arms. Her name was Lala, if not mistaken.
No matter if it’s just in front of the house, isn’t it dangerous leaving such little child playing alone……
Volsung thought so, but this is a neighborhood where a carriage can’t pass, so it’s relatively safe. That’s why they could let her play alone, he assumed on his own.

“Dirk-kun! You have come over to play!?”
“We have taken a break from the guild today, so Vol has brought me along! Let’s play together~!”
“Yea, okay~!”

Vol was looking up at the clear sky while watching over the playing children.
The afternoon passed calmy.

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