Chapter 83

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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It became almost noon, and a good fragrance of lunch filled the inn’s bar.
Dirkhert who continued studying since morning has finally finished and Meluerina began to tidy up the spread books and notebooks on the table. Dirkhert has already started playing with Chocola, Tart, and Pudding.
Possibly aiming for that timing, Aron showed up from the kitchen and approached the two.

“Melu-san, could I talk to you for a moment?”
“Yes, I don’t mind, but……”

Aron who got Meluerina’s acknowledgment pulled a chair from nearby and sat down.

“That, it’s nothing that serious, but there’s something that’s on my mind……”
“Something on your mind?”

It’s nothing serious, but she has troubles speaking. It appears that it’s difficult to talk about the main subject.
But, because Meluerina has realized that Aron has waited for this moment, she doesn’t hurry her.
And then, Aron started speaking several seconds later. She has finally made up her mind. She slowly says what’s on her mind.

“Why does Dirk-kun not smile?”

This is a question that was on Aron’s mind since first meeting Dirkhert.
No matter how happy or how much fun he has, a smile never floats on Dirkhert’s face. You can tell that he is having fun by the tone of his voice and the mood around him, but a smile will never appear.
Hearing his name being called, Dirkhert stops playing with Chocola and others and listens in on the conversation.


“He doesn’t smile, I don’t think that’s correct. In fact, when he’s having fun or when he’s happy, his feelings properly convey through his eyes.”

But, a smile won’t float on his face.
He cries, gets angry, and sulks, he has such expressions, but only the smile won’t appear on his face.

“Dirk, is smiling, you know?”

Dirkhert who was listening in on the conversation says while tilting his head.
Apparently, he’s normally smiling. But, the smile doesn’t reflect on his face.
In other words, that means……

“His mimetic muscles are stiff, aren’t they?”

Which reminds me, his expressions were meager in the past. Meluerina recalls Dirkhert as a baby.
In those days, not mentioning smiling, he wouldn’t even show anger or sadness.
Compared to those days, his facial expressions are richer. If it continues like this, the day that a smile will appear on his place is probably not that far.
Meluerina thinks while looking at Dirkhert who is happily playing. Aron probably not convinced, “Is that so……” returned to her work with somewhat unclear expression.
Meluerina didn’t mind it that much until now, but it apparently makes the adults in the surroundings uneasy if a child of Dirkhert’s age doesn’t smile.
Now then, how do we soften up his mimetic muscles…… Meluerina has begun tidying up the table once again while pondering about such thing.

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